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Discovering Madrid

Its heart beats in the streets, its monuments breathe. Discovering Madrid, by Ángel Domingo (texts) and Jacobo Muñiz (illustrations), for Edicions Hipòtesi.
In Madrid nobody asks where you come from. It doesn’t really matter when you’re in a city as open as the skies of the paintings in the Museo del Prado. A single Madrid? There are as many Madrids as people living there. Everyone builds their own.

The city shows a different facet in each district, on every corner: the rock music of Malasaña, the traditional Lavapiés, the cosmopolitanism of Gran Vía, the aristocratic air of Salamanca, and the financial world of Castellana.
The map of the city is a cartography showing the History of Spain, of laughter and tears. It is deservedly its capital, the apple of its eye, boasting thousands of accents.

Its heart beats in the streets, its monuments breathe. Its lively squares are filled with people meeting together. The sun sets, as in all places, but the city hardly sleeps. Its inhabitants like to dream awake.