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Ana Pez, special mention in Bologna

Ana Pez has won a special mention, in the category Opera Prima of BolognaRagazzi Awards 2015, for Mon Petit Frère Invisible (My little invisible brother), published in France by L'Agrume. Her book has been selected among 1,250 titles from 42 countries.
The prestigious specialist international jury said: "At first read, this is simply a story of a girl and her younger brother, but with a clever use of colored glasses, a second story and alternate point-of-view are revealed. As the boy moves invisibly through the narrative, the shift in perspective throughout Mon Petit Frère Invisiblesheds light on the child's place as he moves through the adult world".

The cardboard glasses with red lenses, become invisible the orange ink. Thanks to this magic we got a double reading that shows us a hidden world for older. Happy imagination!