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Network Security for kids

Nothing like learning from the mistakes of others even thanks to a clumsy character like who stars in the audiovisual campaign we created for the Ministry of Interior. The videos will be screened in cinemas, on TV Canal Metro Madrid and through Facebook and Google.
Four episodes of animation awareness among smaller on the need to introduce some habits of network security. These funny videos launch small and simple tips on protecting our passwords, caring with whom we share photos, make sure that our webcam only works when we want or avoid being with strangers.

Creative coordination has been carried out by Pencil with Virtual Mares and its team of animators, who have given life to the character created by Mary Simavilla and the funny scripts of Ángel Domingo.

The message will reach the main cinemas, thanks to the collaboration of the Federation of Cinemas in Spain, TV Canal Metro Madrid and Facebook and Google. The campaign is also available on the web and on the YouTube channel of the Ministry of Interior.
Asegura tu webcam. Es una ventana abierta en tu habitación.
Comparte solo con amigos. Tus fotos son tuyas
Las redes sociales con amigos. No contactes en persona con desconocidos.
Protege tu intimidad. No compartas tus contraseñas con nadie.