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Welcome, Diego Fournier!

All of Diego Fournier visual proposal strengthens the idea of his ability to tell a story and the graphic synthesis of it. Either as a designer, as a painter or as an author of children's stories, Fournier shows that brevity is a friend of perfection, and edits and suggests simple, playful and concrete ways that allow effectiveness to his visual idea.
Coming from a family of musicians and artists, Diego Fournier began his studies in painting at the Conservatorio Castella, follow by a major in Graphic Design and Engraving at the University of Costa Rica. It was that boy coloring outside the lines, anxious to explore the drawing as he always carry his notebook, a window of the world he perceives. Pages full of abrupt gestures, overlapping lines, images that go beyond the limits, a deep study of the color.

Fournier has been empirically dedicated to animation, self-publishing fanzines and artist's books, murals, posters and comics.

He dreams of painting the largest mural and when he reaches it, he starts dreaming again for a bigger one. Committed to his craft, he firmly believes that art is the best way to discover the magic in this world.