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Welcome, Sandra Rilova!

Sandra studied Fine Arts at the University of the Basque Country, specializing in painting. Soon after, in pursuit of her passion for cinematography, she moved to Barcelona where she studied Art Direction. After working on various projects, she realized that it wasn’t what she was looking for, and in this moment of doubt, illustration came into her life.

Now Sandra is working as an illustrator from home, freelance, where she is close to her family. From home, she observes the world, and she works as a cinematography director, she chooses the scenery, she does the casting, she creates new worlds, but all of this trough illustration.

For Sandra, this is a medium to create and tell stories, project her own vision, create images from a personal perspective.

Throughout the years, her work was selected and featured in VI Iberoamerican Catalog of Illustration, Ilustrarte 2016 - 7th Biennial of Children's Book Illustration, Latin American Ilustración 5 // World Illustration Awards 2017.

Her work was published in such books as, The Queen of Spades and Donkeyskin (Ediciones Nevsky).
Recently, her project I am King was finalist at the Silent Book Contest 2018.