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Welcome, Ines Costa!

The walls of the family home and, occasionally, her own skin were the first canvases where she gave free rein to her passion for the drawing that accompanies her. Precisely on a wall, that of O! Galeria (Oporto / Lisbon) is where we discover his work (thanks, O! Ga-leria).


María Simavilla illustrated one of the texts selected at the 58th edition of the Coca-Cola Young Short Story Talent Contest.

Stefan Zweig, la tinta violeta

Antonio Santos and Jesús Marchamalo expand their library of writers at their collection with Nórdica Libros, which began with Baroja. On this occasion, Stefan Zweig, la tinta violeta.

Versión original

Automática Editorial publishes Versión original. Memorias literarias narradas a Oleg Dorman, with a portrait of Lilianna Lunguiná illustrated by David de las Heras on the cover.


Sandra Rilova illustrated the text titled Ralph Returns for Facebook.

La Compagnia delle Illusioni

Gianluca Folì illustrated the cover of the novel La Compagnia delle Illusioni, written by Enrico Ianniello (Feltrinelli).


María Simavilla illustrated several sheets for Early Childhood Education with Santillana.


Jacobo Muñiz illustrated some text books for Primary punlished by Grazalema.

Cuatrogatos Awards

Daniel Montero Galán, Cecilia Moreno, Elena Odriozola and David de las Heras have four books among the twenty winning titles of the prestigious Cuatrogatos Foundation Awards. Congratulations!!

Welcome, Daniel Montero Galán!

Insomniac dreamer illustrator and compulsive creator. Daniel dedicates himself to the world of professional illustration for about twelve years, mainly in the publishing sector in Spain, directed both to adults (narrative and magazines) and children (teaching materials, fiction and picture books). 

Elephant, giraffe or stork

There is nothing impossible, as is demonstrated by the protagonist of Elephant, Giraffe or Stork, an picture album that Estelí Meza has illustrated in the Kalimat publishing house (Arab Emirates).

The Washington Post

Laura Pérez illustrated "When the doctor blames you for having lung cancer", written by Monica Bhargava, on The Washington Post.

A viking Story

Nicolás Aznárez illustrated Full Sail Ahead: A viking Story, written by Liors Klirs and published by Great Minds in association with Wilson Language Training, publisher of Fundations.

Cisneros, selected for Bologna

Jesús Cisneros has been selected, once again, for the
Illustrators Exhibition of Bologna Children Book Fair 2019 with his series interpreting limericks, illustrated poems, by Edward Lear.

When Cesar Chavez Climbed the Umbrella Tree

In the book When Cesar Chavez climbed the umbrella tree, published by
Capstone (USA), Rachael Hanel (text) and Álex Herrerías (illustrations) tell us the childhood of César Chávez, famous for his role as leader of civil rights.

Around the World in Eighty Days

Laura Pérez illustrated Julio Verne's classic, Around the World in Eighty Days, for the Bromera's mini CLÀSSICS collection.


Savia is the global project of SM, aimed at the construction of smart schools, for which Ana Pez has illustrated the different subjects of Primary Education.
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