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Desarrollos diferentes

Estelí Meza, Felipe López Salán, Flavia Zorrilla, Jacobo Muñiz, Jesús Cisneros, Jokin Mitxelena, Juan Palomino, Laura Pérez, Maite Gurrutxaga, Noemí Villamuza and Pati Aguilera participate in the psychology manual Different Developments (Sanz and Torres), coordinated by Belén Gutiérrez Bermejo and Ángeles Brioso Díez, for the Uned.

Minerva Watson

El extraño caso del fantasma que no era is the second adventure of Minerva Watson (
Edebé), collection written by Carlos Salem and illustrated by Maria Simavilla.

Nadal no Gaiás

The circus is the star of the Nadal no Gaiás program in Cidade da Cultura. Cinta Arribas illustrated its poster. Christmas and the circus have much in common: magic, fantasy, illusion...

Twenty years with APIV

The Associació Professional d'Il·lustradors de València (APIV) celebrates 20 years and the Generalitat of Valencia celebrates it editing an illustrated calendar for protocol use with different creators. Laura Pérez interprets her December while we wish APIV, at least, another 20 decades of activity.

El País

On constitutional and territorial reforms have been the last collaborations of Nicolás Aznárez in El País.

In viaggio con Lloyd

An introspective journey, in search of the wisdom that flees, along with the two protagonists Sir and Lloyd, his imaginary butler. In viaggio con Lloyd (Rizzoli Lizard), second novel written by Simone Tempia amd illustrated by Gianluca Folì.

Ilustrísimo Planeta

In these days of so much cold and so much night, on
Ilustrísimo Planeta, the luminous section of El Asombrario and Ecoembes, a sun by Cecilia Moreno.


Cinta Arribas illustrated the solidarity calendar of
Leaozinho. All proceeds will go to support their music schools in the refugee camp of Dakhla (Sahara) and the favelas of the Complexo de Maré (Rio de Janeiro).

Mi hermano derecha

A boy with the potential to have the ball with the fastest ball of all times starred
Mi hermano derecha, the novel with which Pamela Pulido has won the SM Award El Barco de Vapor from Mexico. The book was presented at the FIL of Guadalajara, illustrated by Álex Herrerías.


Thule just published Brujarella, by Iban Barrenetxea, at an colour edition.

Christmas cards for Correos

Correos invites us to congratulate the Christmas with this collection of cards for 2017, illustrated by Álex Herrerías, David de las Heras, Iban Barrenetxea, Jesús Aguado, Maite Gurrutxaga and Noemí Villamuza.

Family Circle

Work and social media, article illustrated by Laura Pérez for the magazine Family Circle.

La merienda del parque

Did you know that parks also snack? Alberto, in this fun adventure, discover us the wonderful fauna that lives there thanks to Cecilia Moreno (illustrations) and Pablo Albo (text) in La merienda del parque (Narval).

Pequeña & Grande at La Central

Apúntate al taller de Pequeña & Grande Gloria Fuertes en
La Central de Callao (Madrid). Conocerás la pequeña historia de esta gran poeta. Y podrás dibujar tu propia portada de la colección en el taller de dibujo de la mano de Cinta Arribas y Mª Isabel Sánchez Vegara, las autoras de este libro.

Hall of Cordoba

Cinta Arribas collaborates at Children's Book Hall of Cordoba, where she'll talk about the poet Gloria Fuertes.

Kei y el Coloso de Rodas

An island, an engineer, a girl, Alexander the Great, the god of Rhodes ... they meet in Kei y el Coloso de Rodas (Ediciones Norma), written by María García Esperón and illustrated by Álex Herrerías.

Tolstoi's tales

A wolf that talks with the children, a lion that knows how to be a good friend, a clueless bear, a captive goldfinch and several puppies take us on a journey through the imagination of Lev Tolstoi in Cuentos de niños (Secretaría de Cultura de México), adapted by Selma Ancira with the illustrations of Flavia Zorrilla.
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