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La danza de los demonios

This novel, written by Esther Singer Kreitman, passionately portrays the world of Jewish Warsaw. Published in Poland in 1936, La danza de los demonios constitutes a literary rediscovery by Xordica Editorial with the covered illustrated by Antonio Santos.

Camino de Santiago for pilgrims

Cinta Arribas has created an infographic poster to help pilgrims identify the official signs of the Camino de Santiago.

La maleta de Portbou

The new paradigm of feminism and the revolutions of 1968 are analyzed by La Maleta de Portbou magazine, at its May-June issue, with cover illustrated by David de las Heras.

Doodle dedicated to Alfonso Reyes

Juan Palomino illustrated the Doodle commemorating the 129th anniversary of the birth of the Mexican Alfonso Reyes (writer/poet, essayist and diplomat).


Pengüi, a character created by Álex Herrerías, you will learn more about the different worlds that the Penguin Random House authors have created for you.

Stories and legends from Latin America

The anthology compiled by Gloria Cecilia Díaz with the illustrations by Estelí Meza, published by Anaya, guide us through stories and legends that take us by the hand along the paths of the ancestral imagination of Latin Americans.

¡La Leche!

Maite Gurrutxaga collaborated with the magazine ¡La Leche!

Paisaxes e personaxes

Jacobo Muñiz participates at the collective exhibition Paisaxes e personaxes, which honors the writer María Victoria Moreno, promoted by the Xunta de Galicia and curated by David Pintor.

Biografía de un cuerpo

David de las Heras illustrated the cover for
Biografía de un cuerpo, written by Mónica Rodríguez. This book won the Gran Angular 2018 Prize (SM).

110% Magazin

Nicolás Aznárez illustrated about urban mobility in the 110% Magazin.

Ilumina 2018

The eighth edition of
Ilumina Castilla y León has begun to walk with the image illustrated by Iban Barrenetxea. Ilumina is a program of the Junta de Castilla y León for the promotion of books and reading, consisting of a wide range of cultural activities to be held at book fairs.

Brígida Magazine

The unpublished works of thirteen authors integrate the first issue of Brígida, an international comic magazine made by women. For this year, three more editions are being projected with the collaboration of creators from different countries in Latin America.


Estelí Meza illustrated a special dossier, fot
Nexos magazine, about the different types of violence (sexual, labor, psychological ...) that plague Mexico.


The Sunday magazine 7K celebrated its 1,000 numbers with a special cover illustrated by Maite Gurrutxaga.

The forest inside of me

The forest inside of me is the motive of the XIV Encounter of Reading Animators  organized by the Cultural Association Pizpirigaña in the Forest of Bosque de Riocantos (Arenas de San Pedro, Ávila) with poster illustrated by Iban Barrenetxea.

Cinta Arribas, Special Mention at Ilustrarte18

The collages that Cinta Arribas created for her exhibition at the La Atómica gallery, in Valladolid, hav benn awarded with a Special Mention at Ilustrarte, a Portuguese biennial of illustration.

Valladolid Book Fair

Raúl Allén illustrated the poster for 51 Valladolid Book Fair.

Crónica de una explosión

David de las Heras illustrated the cover of Crónica de una explosión, by Yan Lianke, for
Automática Editorial. The small village Explotia will go from having a few hundred inhabitants to become a megalopolis of more than twenty million of souls.

Responsible sexuality

Laura Wächter illustrated the Responsible Sexuality Plain for People with Intellectual Disabilities (Editorial Sanz y Torres), written by Belén Gutiérrez Bermejo and Cristina Jenaro Río with the collaboration of Carlos de la Cruz.
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