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Prehistoric giants

Gigantes prehistóricos (Prehistoric Giants), published by SM with the magnificent realistic illustrations by Carlos Velázquez, reveals the large animals that lived in prehistoric times: birds, cats, marsupials, whales, horses, rhinos and proboscídeos.

Goldie and the chipmunk

Carlos Velázquez illustrated Goldie and the chipmunk, published by Heinemann.

Exposición 'Ilustradores vallisoletanos'

Jesús Aguado, Raúl Allén, Cinta Arribas, Germán Gómez Arranz, Felipe López Salán y Carlos Velázquez are part of the 22 artists selected in the exhibition Ilustradores vallisoletanos. Entre la creación y el oficio (Illustrators from Valladolid. Between creation and the office), organized by Ayuntamiento de Valladolid and curated by Oscar del Amo.


Carlos Velázquez illustrated Science textbooks for Edelvives.

Un dinosaurio en tu buzón

We have collaborated with
Correos from Spain in the development of various materials related to the launch of a colossal set with dinosaurs as protagonists as Un dinosaurio en tu buzón, book written by Ángel Domingo and illustrated by Carlos Velázquez.

Los primates

Discover the amazing world of primates with realistic illustrations by Carlos Velázquez and Fernando Bort's text. Published by SM.

Field notebook

Carlos Velázquez illustrates the field notebook that accompanies the textbook Conocimiento del Medio for 3rd grade of Primary Education (Edelvives).

Caja España

The bank Caja España proposes an illustrated year with its calendar for 2014. Jesús Aguado, María Simavilla, Ana Pez and Carlos Velázquez are involved in this project.

My first field notebook

Carlos Velázquez is the best guide for Mi primer cuaderno de campo de hábitats de España (
Ediciones SM), written by Fernando Bort. An instructive field notebook about the differents habitats in Spain.

Spanish Illustrators

We are excited to walk through the pages of
Ilustradores españoles / Spanish Illustrators (Lunwerg), written by Mario Suarez, and find that the agency represents twenty-one of the hundred artists selected for this catalog.
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