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Tierra Adentro

Juan Palomino, together with Ana Paula Ojeda, published the story Todo lo que toca la luz, narrated in comic format, in the magazine Tierra Adentro.

Wonder Woman

DC Comics has looked for a great ally to Wonder Woman for numbers 54 and 55: Raúl Allén. 

Brígida Magazine

The unpublished works of thirteen authors integrate the first issue of Brígida, an international comic magazine made by women. For this year, three more editions are being projected with the collaboration of creators from different countries in Latin America.


Felipe López transports us to the ancient Celtiberian city of Numancia, in Soria, which resisted eleven months of siege by the Roman army. In vignettes, the Junta de Castilla y León, together with the City Council and the Diputación de Soria, tell this story to the little visitors.

Secret Weapons

The covers by Raúl Allén for Secret Weapons (
Valiant Comics), saga in which he works with Eric Heisserer and Patricia Martin, are receiving a multitude of recognitions from the specialized critics and their growing legion of followers. Its visual power has been highlighted by publications such as SyfyWire, Doom Rocket or Retcon Punch.


Náufragos, the graphic novel by Laura Perez (illustration) and Pablo Monforte (screenplay), wich won the IX Fnac Salamandra Graphic International Award comes to bookstores after months of "titanic" work.

De muerte

Laura Perez illustrated the cover for the collective album De muerte.
GP Editions will publish it in June. She also signs the vignettes of Todos los jueves (Every Thursday), written by Luis Ponce.

Laura Pérez wins Valencia Crea 2015

Laura Perez won Valencia Crea 2015, in the form of comics, with Empatía (Empathy).


Raúl Allén illustrated new covers for Valiant Comics.

Comic Workshop

Todos juzgamos un cómic por su portada o por lo menos es una de las razones principales que nos hacen abrirlo y engancharnos a la historia.


The covers for Valiant‘s Rai #2 have been illustrated by Raúl Allén.


Raúl Allén collaborates with
Valiant Comics. He illustrates the covers for Unity, a company-wide crossover story.
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