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El País Semanal

Amy Winehouse, painted by David de las Heras, on the cover of
El País Semanal. The writer Leslie Jamison explores the obsession for the excessive life of the British singer, deceased six years ago, in the article Amy Winehouse, confessions of an irreverent fan.

Milan Lukic

Noemí Villamuza painted Milan Lukic in the special report published by
El País Semanal, written by Santiago O'Donnell. Jailed for war crimes in Bosnia, he says he has done nothing and wants to live in Argentina. The other butcher of the Balkans presented himself as a victim of an international conspiracy.

El País Semanal

Ana Pez illustrates this article about driving for the magazine El País Semanal.

City people

Laura Perez published this fun cartoon in
El País Semanal about the behavior of urbanites outside their hábitat.
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