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Cuatrogatos Awards

Daniel Montero Galán, Cecilia Moreno, Elena Odriozola and David de las Heras have four books among the twenty winning titles of the prestigious Cuatrogatos Foundation Awards. Congratulations!!

Week of the Album

Cecilia Moreno and Elena Odriozola will participate in the Week of the Album, organized by the collective of independent publishers ¡Âlbum!. A literary festival in bookstores, schools and libraries of multiple provinces from Spain.

Gau Zuria

Elena Odriozola illustrated the image for the Gau Zuria 2018 in Bilbao.

Geography and History

Elena Odriozola illustrated the textbook for Geography and History (SM).

Cano & Ugresic

Elena Odriozola illustrated the correspondence between the writers Harkaitz Cano and Dubravka Ugresic in the Chekhov vs. Shakespeare project, promoted by Donostia / San Sebastian 2016 European Capital of Culture.

Un mundo mejor

Eleven creators illustrated ten of the Rights of the Child at Un mundo mejor (A Better World), published by Jaguar. Among them, Jacobo Muñiz, Iban Barrenetxea and Elena Odriozola.

Elena Odriozola, candidate for the Andersen Award

Spanish Organization for Children's and Youth (Oepli) -in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport- nominated Elena Odriozola (illustrator) and Alfredo Gómez Cerdá (writer) to Hans Christian Andersen Award, the highest international recognition to a living author, also known as the "Nobel Prize for Children's Literature", awarded by IBBY since 1956.

7 cepas

A wine collection, 7 Cepas, by
Solar de Samaniego, pays tribute to twelve writers represented by Elena Odriozola on each label of this Reserve.

Ilumina 2016

Elena Odriozola illustrated the official poster for
Ilumina Castiila y León 2016, meetings about illustrations in the book fairs organized by Junta de Castilla y León.

Quincena Musical

Elena Odriozola signs the poster of the 77th edition of the Quincena Musical of Donostia / San Sebastián. She takes over from Eduardo Chillida, Ivan Zulueta, Vicente Ameztoy, José Luis Zumeta, Cristina Iglesias ...

Nórdica Infantil

Elena Odriozola illustrated the logo for the collection of Nordica Libros for younger readers of the library.

Elena Odriozola, BIB Golden Apple

Elena Odriozola won on BIB Golden Apple 2015 with her Frankenstein published with Nórdica Libros. Congratulations!

Una carta desde Potsdam

Elena Odriozola illustrated
Una carta desde Potsdam, written by the screenwriter Virginia Yagüe, for El País.

Elena Odriozola, National Award

Elena Odriozola has been awarded with the Illustration National Award 2015 from Spain for "her ability to renew itself and following a consistent line and the narrative potential of his work." Congratulations!


The two main versions of
Cinderella illustrated by Elena Odriozola for Nórdica Libros.

Había otra vez

Niños CONARTE invites us to the exhibition based on the collection of albums Había otra vez, integrated with works of renowned Latin American poets and featured contemporary illustrators. Among them Antonio Santos, Jesús Cisneros and Elena Odrizola.

Illustrated poetry

Illustrated Poetry hosts two workshops of Elena Odriozola and Adolfo Serra in the Public Library of Valladolid. 

Ur: libro de lluvia

Imagine with Ur: libro de lluvia (Cenlit/Denonartean) illustrated by Elena Odriozola and written by Juan Kruz Igerabide.

Odriozola, Junceda award

Elena Odriozola has won a
Junceda Award for her Frankenstein for Nórdica Libros. The jury highlights her "unique graphical approach that creates an evocative atmosphere". Congratulations!

Elena Odriozola wins the Euskadi Award

Elena Odriozola wins the “Euskadi” Literary Award, illustration category (2013), with  her poetic acrobatics in Tropecista, written by Jorge Gonzalvo and published by Bárbara Fiore Editora.


Elena Odriozola opens up new possibilities of visual storytelling with her little theater of paper for Frankenstein, published by Nørdica Libros.

Eguberria, National Award

Eguberria, published by Nerea, written by Juan Kruz Igerabide and illustrated by Elena Odriozola, has won the National Award in the category Children and Youth Books.

Banco del Libro

The books illustrated by Jacobo Muñiz, Iban Barrenetxea, Antonio Santos, Elena Odriozola and Jesús Cisneros have been selected by Banco del Libro (IBBY section from Venezuela).


Poetic acrobatics with Jorge Gonzalvo (text) and Elena Odriozola (illustrations) in Tropecista, published by Bárbara Fiore Editora.

Spanish Illustrators

We are excited to walk through the pages of
Ilustradores españoles / Spanish Illustrators (Lunwerg), written by Mario Suarez, and find that the agency represents twenty-one of the hundred artists selected for this catalog.

Illustrated Delibes

The exhibition Patria común. Delibes ilustrado with illustrations of Elena Odriozola, Antonio santos, Violeta Lópiz and Noemí Villamuza will be in Patio Herreriano Museum until January. It is promoted by Delibes Foundation an iconi inspired by his books.

Tal vez sea suficiente

Elena Odriozola illustrates the cover of Tal vez sea suficiente, second novel written by Alejandro Fernandez Aldasoro, published by Txalaparta.

Los cuentos de Mingabe


Letra de Cohen, ilustración de Odriozola

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