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La Compagnia delle Illusioni

Gianluca Folì illustrated the cover of the novel La Compagnia delle Illusioni, written by Enrico Ianniello (Feltrinelli).

In viaggio con Lloyd

An introspective journey, in search of the wisdom that flees, along with the two protagonists Sir and Lloyd, his imaginary butler. In viaggio con Lloyd (Rizzoli Lizard), second novel written by Simone Tempia amd illustrated by Gianluca Folì.

Les cahiers

Gianluca Folì illustrated the article Familie et argent. Font-ils bon ménage? for Les cahieres de la Banque de Luxemburg, about the management of the expenses and earnings of the modern family.

Corriere della sera

Gianluca Folì illustrated for Corriere della sera.

Andare, camminare, lavorare

Gianluca Folì illustrated the cover of Andare, camminare, lavorare (Feltrinelli), written by Angelo Ferracuti.

Chi è felice non si muove

Chi è felice non si muove (
Feltrinelli), by Giulia Villoresi, with cover illustrated by Gianluca Folì.

Corriere della Sera

With September, the Music Festival MiTo came to Milan. Gianluca Foli illustrated it so for the newspaper Corriere della Sera.


Gianluca Folì illustrated the article about the scientific prejudice written by Daniela Minerva in L'Espresso.

Red Bull

Gianluca Foli is full of energy in this partnership for a spot of Red Bull.

Confesiones de una heredera con demasiado tiempo libre

Confesiones de una heredera con demasiado tiempo libre (
Espasa), with cover illustrated by Gianluca Folì, takes us back to the England of Jane Austen.

Gold medal for Folì

Gianluca Folì has won the gold medal awarded by the Society of Illustrators of New York, in the category of books, for his cover of La vita prodigiosa di Isidoro Sifflotin published by Feltrinelli.

El jefe de la manada

Gianluca Folì illustrates the cover of
El jefe de la manada, written by Inés Garland, for Three Ages 250 collection published by Siruela.

La scimmia for the Andersen Awards

Quando ero solo una scimmia (Zoolibri), by Gianluca Foli (illustration) and Davide Cali (text), is among the finalists in the picture book category of Andersen Award - il mondo dell'infanzia. The winners will be announced on May.

Alice and the Evolution Land

With Alicia en el País de la Evolución (
Critica), illustrated by Gianluca Folì, the paleontologist Jordi Agustí reveals several scientific secrets which Carroll hid in his story.


Gianluca Folì collaborates with the Greenpeace’s campaign #freethearctic30

Le Cool

Gianluca Folì illustrated this cover for Le Cool.

Silver House

Silver House -with the creative direction, artworks and animation of Gianluca Folì- is a non-path that brings us amidst Atome Primitif's music and lyrics, a mere instance before the alarm clock rings. This is how we're returning Silver House, we've simply added a few more brush strokes after borrowing it.

Tus sueños crecen aquí

La Universidad Europea Miguel de Cervantes anima a que los estudiantes hagan crecer sus sueños. Gianluca Folì ha ilustrado los materiales de su nueva campaña de comunicación desarrollada por Metáfora de Comunicación.

Gianluca Folì, bronce de la Society of Illustrators LA


Las piernas de Amaidú


Cubiertas de Folì para Feltrinelli

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