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Welcome, Daniel Montero Galán!

Insomniac dreamer illustrator and compulsive creator. Daniel dedicates himself to the world of professional illustration for about twelve years, mainly in the publishing sector in Spain, directed both to adults (narrative and magazines) and children (teaching materials, fiction and picture books). 

Welcome, Sandra Rilova!

Sandra studied Fine Arts at the University of the Basque Country, specializing in painting. Soon after, in pursuit of her passion for cinematography, she moved to Barcelona where she studied Art Direction. After working on various projects, she realized that it wasn’t what she was looking for, and in this moment of doubt, illustration came into her life.

Welcome, Nicolás Aznárez!

Born October 5 of 1984 in Washington DC, USA, but with origins from Navarra, Spain, Nicolás has had the opportunity to live in several countries and to meet cultures as contrasting as the ones of Japan, Mexico, Argentina and Cuba.

Welcome, Laura Wächter!

She was born to a German father and Spanish mother and raised between rural Malaga and Extremadura.

Welcome, Diego Fournier!

All of Diego Fournier visual proposal strengthens the idea of his ability to tell a story and the graphic synthesis of it. Either as a designer, as a painter or as an author of children's stories, Fournier shows that brevity is a friend of perfection, and edits and suggests simple, playful and concrete ways that allow effectiveness to his visual idea.

Welcome, Maite Gurrutxaga!

Maite studied Fine Arts in Bilbo and Barcelona. She rediscovered the world of illustration while she was studying Fine Arts, and she realized that she could mix her lifelong passion, drawing, with her other great love, reading, and transfer ideas, concepts and sensations onto paper. Therefore, after graduating she studied illustration at the Escola de la Dona in Barcelona.

Welcome, Jazmin Villagrán!

Illustrator , graphic designer , visual arts teacher and mother. She studied graphic design at the Higher Institute of Design (ISDI ) in Havana (Cuba). Nowadays, she is doing what she likes the most, illustrating children's books and teaching small and adolescents.

Welcome, Estelí Meza!

Esteli Meza (México, 1980) won the XVIII International Book Award Illustrated Children and Youth in 2013 for her book FILIJ Anguish. She won an honorable mention in the catalog of Illustrators of Children and Youth Publications in 2012.

Welcome, Flavia Zorrilla!

Flavia Zorrilla Drago was born in Mexico City (1985) where she studied Graphical Design (Universidad la Salle de Mexico), afterwards she studied and specialized in illustration at the Escola Massana Centre d'Art i Disseny (Barcelona, Spain) and in L'École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (Paris, France).

Flavia considers herself a very versatile illustrator given the fact that since 2007 she has been developing creative projects in different Design areas such as: Apps, audiovisuals, character design, concept art, publicity, fashion (textile design), packaging, branding, covers and editorial projects. Specializing herself overall in children's illustration.

Besides being an illustrator, Flavia likes to make playlists, playing soccer, cooking and watching films (specially terror and animated films).

Welcome, Cinta Arribas!

Born in Valladolid, she studied Fine Arts at Salamanca from 2003 to 2008, and completed her education in Kassel (Germany). Now she lives in Madrid, where she works as a freelance illustrator.

Viajar ilustrando

Comienzos de septiembre. Regreso de muchos lugares físicos y mentales... No necesariamente para todos. Ahora que gran parte acaba de aparcar al cuñado, la sombrilla y los últimos granos de arena playera, Laura Pérez piensa en su próximo destino.

Welcome, Sol Undurraga!

Sol Undurraga is an Illustrator and a self-retired architect. Four years ago, she started devoting all her time to Illustration. 

Mention for Valeria Gallo

Bostezo (Yawn), by Teresa Jimena Solinís (text) and Valeria Gallo (illustrations), have been recognized with an honorable mention in the XVIII Concurso de Álbum Ilustrado A la Orilla del Viento of Fondo de Cultura Económica.

Gold medal for Folì

Gianluca Folì has won the gold medal awarded by the Society of Illustrators of New York, in the category of books, for his cover of La vita prodigiosa di Isidoro Sifflotin published by Feltrinelli.

Welcome, David de las Heras!


Field notebook

Carlos Velázquez illustrates the field notebook that accompanies the textbook Conocimiento del Medio for 3rd grade of Primary Education (Edelvives).

Welcome, Álex Herrerías!

The world lost a great architect and won a fantastic illustrator. Alex Herrerías (Mexico, 1981) decided to design their buildings in books, animations and posters. Unique characters born of a restless creator, who “to this date can say with complete assurance that he is a happy illustrator”. We expect to increase it at this stage together. Welcome to your home, Alex!

Welcome, Tomás Hijo!

Álbumes, narrativa adulta e infantil, cómic, storyboards, interactivos, exposiciones, obra original en algún que otro museo... Tomás Hijo es ilustrador, escritor, editor, profesor, cineasta en su primera juventud (aunque se haya asegurado de no dejar rastro en Youtube)... Conversamos -con buenas dosis de retranca castellana- con este creador inquieto sobre sus mil facetas, algunas no muy conocidas para muchos... Como decimos siempre, Tomás, gracias por confiar en nosotros y bienvenido a tu casa.

Welcome, Cecilia Moreno!

Nos conocimos hace unos años ya, durante los cuales hemos visto a Cecilia crecer creativa y profesionalmente. Siempre con una sonrisa que alumbra hasta los días más nublados. Así pues, extraña poco que le gusten la sencillez y los colores que transmiten alegría y serenidad como los tierras, pasteles, grises y el blanco...

Welcome, Pati Aguilera!

Nos moríamos por anunciar la llegada de Pati Aguilera, una de las ilustradoras más refrescantes del momento. Siendo niña se encandiló con los colores y formas de la naturaleza en el lluvioso sur de Chile... pero, mejor, que nos cuente ella misma.

Welcome, Juan palomino

Es un honor dar la bienvenida a Juan Palomino (México, 1984), quien manifiesta haber encontrado en la ilustración "un lugar en el que puedo darle salida a mi forma de vivir". Tras estudiar Filosofía, se desvió de la ruta académica para trazar con sus lápices un camino donde ha obtenido reconocimientos tan destacados como el premio del IV Catálogo Iberoamericano en 2013.

FILustra 2013

El Foro Internacional de Ilustración (FILustra), organizado por la Feria Internacional del Libro de Guadalajara y Pencil Ilustradores, reúne en su tercera edición, los días 1 y 2 de diciembre de 2013, a algunos de los mejores creadores del planeta con el eje central: “Satélites de la Ilustración: ideas, recursos y oportunidades”.


Elena Odriozola opens up new possibilities of visual storytelling with her little theater of paper for Frankenstein, published by Nørdica Libros.

Il respiro del vento

The wind stars at this book illustrated by Jesus Cisneros. The wind as a metaphor for life.

Somos nuestro portafolio (Workshop in Mexico)

Los días 6 y 7 de diciembre, en la sede de IBBY México, daremos las claves para armar un portafolio profesional que interese al cliente en un taller muy práctico.

Workshop with Cisneros at IBBY México

Cada vez hay en las librerías más ejemplos de poesía con ilustraciones. Pero, ¿es posible ilustrar la poesía? Jesús Cisneros dará un taller sobre esta relación en la sede de Ibby México.

20 years with Feafes

Violeta Lópiz illustrates the campaign of the 20º aniversary of Feafes Castilla y León.

Anthology of readings

Adolfo Serra illustrates the anthology of readings, for text book, with Santillana.

Anthology of readings

Anuska Allepuz illustrates this anthology of readings, for text book, with Edelvives.

Maths for Santillana

Mathematics is (even) more entertaining with Felipe Lopez Salán, as he demonstrated in this text book for Santillana.


Raúl Allén illustrates this cover for Billboard.

ABC Cultural

Readers of Mario Vargas Llosa enjoyed this weekend a preview of his next novel, El héroe discreto, in the pages of ABC Cultural. The Adolfo Serra's illustrations accompanied this succulent aperitif.

Spanish Language

María Simavilla collaborates with Algaida for the Spanish Language and Literature text book.

Workshop with Valeria Gallo


This is the summer for Ana Pez.

ABC Cultural

Adolfo Serra signed the last two
ABC Cultural's summer covers, dedicated to the other bestsellers and readings for the summer heat.

Pelayo Insurance

María Simavilla and Raccoon E-learning have designed this nice superhero for Seguros Pelayo, a Spanish insurance company. This cool character is the best sales expert.

Welcome, Giulia Sagramola!

Giulia Sagramola studied Graphic Design and Visual Communication at ISIA in Urbino and Illustration at Escola Massana in Barcelona.

City people

Laura Perez published this fun cartoon in
El País Semanal about the behavior of urbanites outside their hábitat.

ABC Cultural

Adolfo Serra illustrates this cover for
ABC Cultural newspaper about the opening of the Madrid Book Fair.

Le Cool

Gianluca Folì illustrated this cover for Le Cool.

Mia Magazine

Adolfo Serra illustrates the dossier for the last issue of Mia Magazine.


Patricia Metola, Violeta Lópiz and Noemí Villamuza participate in Stereo-tipas. Exhibition, organized by i con i, that will be until next July 4 in La Casa Encendida (Madrid).


Laura Pérez illustrates a promotion for WellPass, wellness and beauty services in France.

My first Vila-Matas

Anuska Allepuz illustrates
Niña, a picture book  written by Enrique Vila-Matas for Alfaguara's collection Mi Primer (My first).

Esta familia que ves

Valeria Gallo illustrates Esta familia que ves (Ediciones SM México), written by Alfonso Ochoa, about different types of family.


Antonio Santos illustrates Masa, written by César Vallejo, for Había otra vez, a collection published by  Taller de Comunicación Gráfica, and coordinated by Alejandro García Schnetzer, for Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes de México (CONACULTA).

Érase una aldea sin suerte

Érase una aldea sin suerte, illustrated by Anuska Allepuz, for Edebé publisher.


Poetic acrobatics with Jorge Gonzalvo (text) and Elena Odriozola (illustrations) in Tropecista, published by Bárbara Fiore Editora.

Welcome, Ana Pez!

In addition to being an illustrator, she's also graduated in History at the Complutense University of Madrid, teacher of drawing and other lost causes (especially pop up workshops), artists groupie and enthusiastic reader.


Raúl Allén uses to warm up with some sketchs everyday, so why don't take a video of them?
A very nice way to see the process and get one's act together!

La botella del señor Augusto

La botella del señor Augusto (Edebé) the mad illustrations drawn by  Jokin Mitxelena play with the funny text written by Pello Añorga.

Spanish Illustrators

We are excited to walk through the pages of
Ilustradores españoles / Spanish Illustrators (Lunwerg), written by Mario Suarez, and find that the agency represents twenty-one of the hundred artists selected for this catalog.

10,000 fans on Facebook

Wr surpassed the 10,000 fans on
Facebook. Thank you for your friendship! We love this illustration of Laura Pérez.

Les poings sur les iles

Refined video with illustrations of Violeta Lópiz for Les poings sur les iles (Rouergue).

Design biennial

Valeria Gallo illustrates the official poster for Bienal Nacional de Diseño (Design Biennial) from Mexico, organized by the Design School of the National Institute of Fine Arts.

Bienvenida, Noemí Villamuza

Admirábamos la obra de Noemí desde siempre. La buena fortuna unió caminos y surgió el flechazo. Ya no solo nos enamoraban las ilustraciones, también la persona que les daba vida.

El carpintero, Premio Kirico

El Cuento del Carpintero, de Iban Barrenetxea, publicado por la editorial A Buen Paso, ha sido merecedor del Premio Libro Kirico 2011 otorgado por las más de noventa librerías del Club Kirico asociadas a CEGAL. El jurado ha destacado la calidad de esta obra, original y con mucho humor, además de las ilustraciones llenas de detalles.
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