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Savia is the global project of SM, aimed at the construction of smart schools, for which Ana Pez has illustrated the different subjects of Primary Education.

Cuarenta cuentos a todo vapor

Cecilia Moreno and Ana Pez participate in
Cuarenta cuentos a todo vapor (Forty stories in full steam), an anthology of forty stories created to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Barco de Vapor collection at SM.

Social Sciences

Felipe López Salán illustrated the Social Sciences textbook of the third year of Primary published by SM.

Play and learn

Cecilia Moreno illustrated the activity notebooks that
SM launches this summer with the aim of playing and learning: Play and Read, Play and write, Play and learn English...

Biografía de un cuerpo

David de las Heras illustrated the cover for
Biografía de un cuerpo, written by Mónica Rodríguez. This book won the Gran Angular 2018 Prize (SM).

Penny Berry y el anillo de Shazzan

At this new book of the saga, written by Lluís Prats and illustrated by María Simavilla for
SM, the great exodus has begun. All the creatures from Amhuinn go to the refuges of Cairngorms.

Mi hermano derecha

A boy with the potential to have the ball with the fastest ball of all times starred
Mi hermano derecha, the novel with which Pamela Pulido has won the SM Award El Barco de Vapor from Mexico. The book was presented at the FIL of Guadalajara, illustrated by Álex Herrerías.

Los días de Lía

Maite Gurrutxaga illustrates Los días de Lía in El Barco de Vapor (SM), in which the writer Edmée Pardo talks about the changes.

Comprehension Textbook

Jacobo Muñiz illustrated the Comprehension notebook for 5th grade of Primary Education (SM).

Geography and History

Elena Odriozola illustrated the textbook for Geography and History (SM).

Barco de Vapor

Pati Aguilera illustrated the poster of the call for the XII Concurso de Literatura Infantil El Barco de Vapor 2017 (Chile).

Lila Sacher y la expedición al norte

A fantastic and exciting trip where everything is possible, from the imagination of the writer Catalina González Vilar and the illustrations of Anuska Allepuz: Lila Sacher y la expedición al norte (Lila Sacher and the expedition to the north), SM.

Billy Elliot

Who does not know Billy Elliot after the Stephen Daldry's movie? Based on the Lee Hall's script, Melvin Burgess wrote a youth novel whose edition renews El Barco de Vapor (SM-Cruïlla) illustrated by Maria Simaviilla.

Instrucciones para convertirse en pirata

2016 Barco de Vapor Award from Mexico, written by Erika Zepeda, has been illustrated by Anuska Allepuz. Instrucciones para convertirse en pirata (Instructions to become a pirate) was chosen by the jury for his ability to speak of a sensitive subject for children -the absence of the father- with a funny tone.

Penny Berry y el árbol de oro de Shangri-La

It's Christmas! Penny Berry prepares the suitcase to return to Berry Manor, her grandmother Octavia's mansion in Scotland where she spent last summer and the best of his life. Second adventure of this fantastic saga, written by Lluís Prats and illustrated by María Simavilla, with SM.

El cuaderno de Pancha

Flavia Zorrilla illustrated the cover for El cuaderno de Pancha, book prized with the Barco de Vapor Award (SM Mexico).

Prehistoric giants

Gigantes prehistóricos (Prehistoric Giants), published by SM with the magnificent realistic illustrations by Carlos Velázquez, reveals the large animals that lived in prehistoric times: birds, cats, marsupials, whales, horses, rhinos and proboscídeos.

Penny Berry y la pócima mágica

Penny Berry is twelve years old, lives in London with her aunt since her parents died in an accident, and is about to catch a train that will take you to meet her grandmother Octavia. What she doesn't know is that her grandmother's house hidies many secrets. New fantastic saga, written by Lluís Prats and illustrated by María Simavilla, published by SM.

Lila Sacher y los Muelles del Horizonte

New book of Lila Sacher's saga, written by Catalina Gonzalez Villar and illustrated by Anuska Allepuz. On this occasion Lila, in the company of Uncle Argus, will try to enjoy a real vacation in Opalina, a famous coastal city legendary worldwide for its beautiful sunsets.

Miguel de Cervantes: Caballero de las desdichas

The priest Pedro Pérez, a friend of Cervantes (in fiction), tells the barber Nicholas the miseries of the author of Don Quixote. Miguel de Cervantes: Caballero de las desdichas (Miguel de Cervantes: Knight of the misfortunes), written by Ignacio Padilla and illustrated by Juan Palomino in SM Mexico.


Anuska Allepuz Illustrated the Literature course (1º ESO) for SM.

Un detective al revés

We present the most astute researcher who live in
Un detective al revés (El barco de vapor, SM), by Ángel Fernandez de Cano (text) and Jacobo Muñiz (illustrations).


María Simavilla gives rhythm and color to SM's texbooks for Music in Primary.


Tomás Hijo illustrates these readings for SM.


Anuska Allepuz illustrated Abdel (SM), written by Enrique Páez, the life of a young tuareg who travels to Spain.

Los primates

Discover the amazing world of primates with realistic illustrations by Carlos Velázquez and Fernando Bort's text. Published by SM.

Learn with rhythm

María Simavilla is full of rhythm. We check it at the music books illustrated for SM.

Social Sciences

We found a myriad of situations in the illustrations drawn by Felipe Lopez Salán for the book of Social Sciences (3rd grade) published by Ediciones SM.

Welcome, Tomás Hijo!

Álbumes, narrativa adulta e infantil, cómic, storyboards, interactivos, exposiciones, obra original en algún que otro museo... Tomás Hijo es ilustrador, escritor, editor, profesor, cineasta en su primera juventud (aunque se haya asegurado de no dejar rastro en Youtube)... Conversamos -con buenas dosis de retranca castellana- con este creador inquieto sobre sus mil facetas, algunas no muy conocidas para muchos... Como decimos siempre, Tomás, gracias por confiar en nosotros y bienvenido a tu casa.

Welcome, Juan palomino

Es un honor dar la bienvenida a Juan Palomino (México, 1984), quien manifiesta haber encontrado en la ilustración "un lugar en el que puedo darle salida a mi forma de vivir". Tras estudiar Filosofía, se desvió de la ruta académica para trazar con sus lápices un camino donde ha obtenido reconocimientos tan destacados como el premio del IV Catálogo Iberoamericano en 2013.

My first field notebook

Carlos Velázquez is the best guide for Mi primer cuaderno de campo de hábitats de España (
Ediciones SM), written by Fernando Bort. An instructive field notebook about the differents habitats in Spain.


Laura Pérez illustrates the religion course for SM publisher.

Esta familia que ves

Valeria Gallo illustrates Esta familia que ves (Ediciones SM México), written by Alfonso Ochoa, about different types of family.

Kerida Azubá

Anuska Allepuz illustrates Kerida Azubá, final book of El Barco de Vapor Award in 2012.

Text book

María Simavilla illustrates a text book about Spanish signature for SM.

Illustrated biographies

Laura Pérez illustrates, for SM and PPC, various biographies for young readers.
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