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María Simavilla illustrated several sheets for Early Childhood Education with Santillana.


Jacobo Muñiz illustrated some text books for Primary punlished by Grazalema.


Jazmin Villagrán illustrated several stories for the complementary materials of Santillana at the classroom.

The hunt of the snark

Ana Pez illustrated the story The hunt of the snark (Santillana).

The governor and the butterfly

Ana Pez illustrated the story The governor and the butterfly (Santillana).

Rumor de luz

A journey through the cosmogony of several prehispanic cultures illustrated by Juan Palomino.

Las princesas danzarinas

Cecilia Moreno illustrated Las princesas danzarinas and other stories for Santillana.

Little chickpea

Anuska Allepuz illustrated Little chickpea and other stories for Santillana.

Ratón de campo

Cecilia Moreno illustrated Ratón de campo and other stories for Santillana.

Welcome, Álex Herrerías!

The world lost a great architect and won a fantastic illustrator. Alex Herrerías (Mexico, 1981) decided to design their buildings in books, animations and posters. Unique characters born of a restless creator, who “to this date can say with complete assurance that he is a happy illustrator”. We expect to increase it at this stage together. Welcome to your home, Alex!

Calendar for Santillana

Ana Pez illustrates the new Santillana's calendar for French students.

Anthology of readings

Adolfo Serra illustrates the anthology of readings, for text book, with Santillana.

Maths for Santillana

Mathematics is (even) more entertaining with Felipe Lopez Salán, as he demonstrated in this text book for Santillana.

La nave de los libros

Felipe López Salán illustrates La nave de los libros, reading anthology published by Santillana.

Perrault por Iban Barrenetxea

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