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Felipe IV

The monument to Felipe IV or how four geniuses collaborated to make a statue is the article published in
Sinc, written by Verónica Fuentes and illustrated by Cinta Arribas, which commemorates the sculpture of the bronze horse in Plaza de Oriente (Madrid) for 175 years.

Spanish flu

The largest health epidemic killed 2.5% of the world population in a few months. In its centenary, Agencia Sinc analyzes this pandemic, with an illustration by Cinta Arribas.

Maria Mitchell

Maria Mitchell was the first professional astronomer in the US, to whom
Sinc has paid tribute with this illustration by Cinta Arribas on her anniversary.


On 4th October
Agencia Sinc reminded Martina Castells i Ballespí. That day of 1882, shebecame the first Spanish woman doctor in Medicine. Cinta Arribas imagines her so.

Women orgasm

August 8 is the
World Day for Women's Orgasm, as this article, illustrated by Cinta Arribas, recalls on SInc.

Paul Broca

Sinc Agency rememberes the figure of Paul Broca, the discoverer of the region of speech in the brain, illustrated by Cinta Arribas.

Stop ALS

On the occasion of the International Day of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), the
Sinc Agency put the focus, illustrated by Cinta Arribas, on this neurodegenerative disease that, for the moment, is incurable and deadly.

World Environment Day

June 5 is World Environment Day, a celebration that warns of the need to preserve the fragile environment in which we live. This is what the
Agencia Sinc reminds us with this illustration by Cinta Arribas. This year's theme has focused on the connection of man with nature, encourages people to delve into it and reflect on their dependence on the environment

A day to forget tobacco

Sinc Agency joins World No Tobacco Day with a very eloquent illustration by Cinta Arribas.
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