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María Simavilla illustrated several sheets for Early Childhood Education with Santillana.


Jacobo Muñiz illustrated some text books for Primary punlished by Grazalema.


Savia is the global project of SM, aimed at the construction of smart schools, for which Ana Pez has illustrated the different subjects of Primary Education.

Social Sciences

Felipe López Salán illustrated the Social Sciences textbook of the third year of Primary published by SM.


Ana Pez illustrated the textbooks published by Edelvives.


Jazmin Villagrán illustrated several stories for the complementary materials of Santillana at the classroom.

Play and learn

Cecilia Moreno illustrated the activity notebooks that
SM launches this summer with the aim of playing and learning: Play and Read, Play and write, Play and learn English...

Desarrollos diferentes

Estelí Meza, Felipe López Salán, Flavia Zorrilla, Jacobo Muñiz, Jesús Cisneros, Jokin Mitxelena, Juan Palomino, Laura Pérez, Maite Gurrutxaga, Noemí Villamuza and Pati Aguilera participate in the psychology manual Different Developments (Sanz and Torres), coordinated by Belén Gutiérrez Bermejo and Ángeles Brioso Díez, for the Uned.

Comprehension Textbook

Jacobo Muñiz illustrated the Comprehension notebook for 5th grade of Primary Education (SM).

Geography and History

Elena Odriozola illustrated the textbook for Geography and History (SM).

The Great Mosque of Cordoba

The History of the Great Mosque of Cordoba, from its construction by Abderramán I, in which it was Church of San Vicente, to the extensions of its successors are told by Manuel González Mestre (text) and Jacobo Muñiz in this guide published by Jiracebra Editions.

Natur & Kultur

Walking through the streets we learn Spanish with Natur & Kultur and Anuska Allepuz.

Prehistoric giants

Gigantes prehistóricos (Prehistoric Giants), published by SM with the magnificent realistic illustrations by Carlos Velázquez, reveals the large animals that lived in prehistoric times: birds, cats, marsupials, whales, horses, rhinos and proboscídeos.


Anuska Allepuz illustrated the Languege textbook for Primary School with Edelvives.

Mar abierto

Flavia Zorrilla is immersed in the Mar abierto (open sea), Pearson's collection, to illustrate its new catalog.


María Simavilla illustrated text books for Llengua i Literature (Language and Literature) for Secundary Education (Baula).


Readings illustrated by Flavia Zorrilla Drago for Primary Education (Grazalema).


Jacobo Muñiz illustrated for the text books published by Grazalema.

The hunt of the snark

Ana Pez illustrated the story The hunt of the snark (Santillana).


Laura Perez has illustrated the Expérience Livre de L'élève for Oxford University Press on textbook for ESO.

Natur & Kultur

Maria Simavilla aids to effective learning of Spanish in the publications of Natur & Kultur.

The governor and the butterfly

Ana Pez illustrated the story The governor and the butterfly (Santillana).


Anuska Allepuz Illustrated the Literature course (1º ESO) for SM.


Colossal challenge for Jokin Mitxelena. He illustrated an edition of the Bible for young with Verbo Divino.


Carlos Velázquez illustrated Science textbooks for Edelvives.


María Simavilla gives rhythm and color to SM's texbooks for Music in Primary.


Tomás Hijo illustrates these readings for SM.


Anuska Allepuz illustrated the textbook of readings for 4th Primary Education of Vicens Vives.

Social Sciences

Great perspectives of cities of different periods illustrated by Felipe López Salán for Social Sciences textbook in Primary Education published by Edebé.


Anuska Allepuz is enlightening the footsteps of the students of Spanish in Sweden through books such as Caminando (Walking), published by Natur & Kultur.

Learn with rhythm

María Simavilla is full of rhythm. We check it at the music books illustrated for SM.

Field notebook

Carlos Velázquez illustrates the field notebook that accompanies the textbook Conocimiento del Medio for 3rd grade of Primary Education (Edelvives).

Social Sciences

We found a myriad of situations in the illustrations drawn by Felipe Lopez Salán for the book of Social Sciences (3rd grade) published by Ediciones SM.

La sabiduría de los abuelos

Jacobo Muñiz illustrates La sabiduría de los abuelos with McGraw-Hill USA.

Las fortalezas en lectura fácil

Ana Pez illustrates
Las fortalezas en lectura fácil, a technical guide about virtues -like curiosity, honesty and perseverance- published by Feaps Castilla y León for people with problems of understanding.

El dulce de Icaco

Learning Spanish is fun with El dulce de Icaco, a popular story from Colombia adapted by Jesús Aguando (illustrations) and Lada Josefa Kratky (text), for National Geographic Learning.

Anthology of readings

Adolfo Serra illustrates the anthology of readings, for text book, with Santillana.


Laura Pérez illustrates the religion course for SM publisher.

Anthology of readings

Anuska Allepuz illustrates this anthology of readings, for text book, with Edelvives.

Maths for Santillana

Mathematics is (even) more entertaining with Felipe Lopez Salán, as he demonstrated in this text book for Santillana.

Spanish Language

María Simavilla collaborates with Algaida for the Spanish Language and Literature text book.

La nave de los libros

Felipe López Salán illustrates La nave de los libros, reading anthology published by Santillana.

Text book

María Simavilla illustrates a text book about Spanish signature for SM.
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