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Booktrailer of 'Mi hermano pequeño invisible'

Libre Albedrío just published this delicious booktrailer of Mi hermano pequeño invisible (My little brother unseen), by Ana Pez.


The little story of a hunter and an obedient dog. A short film by Valeria Gallo and Alfonso Ochoa with original music by Elia Inns and Arturo Martinez.


Raúl Allén uses to warm up with some sketchs everyday, so why don't take a video of them?
A very nice way to see the process and get one's act together!

Les poings sur les iles

Refined video with illustrations of Violeta Lópiz for Les poings sur les iles (Rouergue).

Silver House

Silver House -with the creative direction, artworks and animation of Gianluca Folì- is a non-path that brings us amidst Atome Primitif's music and lyrics, a mere instance before the alarm clock rings. This is how we're returning Silver House, we've simply added a few more brush strokes after borrowing it.
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