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March 2019

Welcome, Ines Costa!

The walls of the family home and, occasionally, her own skin were the first canvases where she gave free rein to her passion for the drawing that accompanies her. Precisely on a wall, that of O! Galeria (Oporto / Lisbon) is where we discover his work (thanks, O! Ga-leria).
February 2019


María Simavilla illustrated one of the texts selected at the 58th edition of the Coca-Cola Young Short Story Talent Contest.

Stefan Zweig, la tinta violeta

Antonio Santos and Jesús Marchamalo expand their library of writers at their collection with Nórdica Libros, which began with Baroja. On this occasion, Stefan Zweig, la tinta violeta.

Versión original

Automática Editorial publishes Versión original. Memorias literarias narradas a Oleg Dorman, with a portrait of Lilianna Lunguiná illustrated by David de las Heras on the cover.


Sandra Rilova illustrated the text titled Ralph Returns for Facebook.

La Compagnia delle Illusioni

Gianluca Folì illustrated the cover of the novel La Compagnia delle Illusioni, written by Enrico Ianniello (Feltrinelli).
January 2019


María Simavilla illustrated several sheets for Early Childhood Education with Santillana.


Jacobo Muñiz illustrated some text books for Primary punlished by Grazalema.

Cuatrogatos Awards

Daniel Montero Galán, Cecilia Moreno, Elena Odriozola and David de las Heras have four books among the twenty winning titles of the prestigious Cuatrogatos Foundation Awards. Congratulations!!

Welcome, Daniel Montero Galán!

Insomniac dreamer illustrator and compulsive creator. Daniel dedicates himself to the world of professional illustration for about twelve years, mainly in the publishing sector in Spain, directed both to adults (narrative and magazines) and children (teaching materials, fiction and picture books). 

Elephant, giraffe or stork

There is nothing impossible, as is demonstrated by the protagonist of Elephant, Giraffe or Stork, an picture album that Estelí Meza has illustrated in the Kalimat publishing house (Arab Emirates).

The Washington Post

Laura Pérez illustrated "When the doctor blames you for having lung cancer", written by Monica Bhargava, on The Washington Post.

Cisneros, selected for Bologna

Jesús Cisneros has been selected, once again, for the
Illustrators Exhibition of Bologna Children Book Fair 2019 with his series interpreting limericks, illustrated poems, by Edward Lear.

A viking Story

Nicolás Aznárez illustrated Full Sail Ahead: A viking Story, written by Liors Klirs and published by Great Minds in association with Wilson Language Training, publisher of Fundations.

When Cesar Chavez Climbed the Umbrella Tree

In the book When Cesar Chavez climbed the umbrella tree, published by
Capstone (USA), Rachael Hanel (text) and Álex Herrerías (illustrations) tell us the childhood of César Chávez, famous for his role as leader of civil rights.

Around the World in Eighty Days

Laura Pérez illustrated Julio Verne's classic, Around the World in Eighty Days, for the Bromera's mini CLÀSSICS collection.


Savia is the global project of SM, aimed at the construction of smart schools, for which Ana Pez has illustrated the different subjects of Primary Education.
December 2018

Cooperate is within you

Laura Pérez collaborates with the campaign
Cooperate is within you. See how we can do better, organized by the Coordinadora Valenciana de ONGD. Nine Valencian illustrators help to dismantle the main prejudices that exist about international cooperation.

Felipe IV

The monument to Felipe IV or how four geniuses collaborated to make a statue is the article published in
Sinc, written by Verónica Fuentes and illustrated by Cinta Arribas, which commemorates the sculpture of the bronze horse in Plaza de Oriente (Madrid) for 175 years.

Your City: Your Canvas

Diego Fournier won the call of
San José Lab, Tu Ciudad: Tu Lienzo 2018 (Your City: Your Canvas), with Florecer, a spectacular mural painted in a building in the capital of Costa Rica.

Fundación Cadete's calendar

Estelí Meza illustrated the Fundación Cadete's solidarity calendar. It represents the milestones of improvement that a child with a disability faces throughout his life.

Quiero una ballena

"My mother and I do not have the same idea of what a whale is." With this forcefulness begins
Quiero una ballena (I want a whale), a story by NiñoCactus illustrated by Cecilia Moreno and edited by Savanna Books.
November 2018


Our hearts vibrate for the changes is the claim of the 50th anniversary of Hivos Guatemala. To celebrate it, they commissioned this illustration to Jazmín Villagrán.

Cinta Arribas, at Bookaroo Literary Festival

Cinta Arribas is the Spanish author invited to the
Bookaroo Literary Festival in New Delhi, with the support of the Cervantes Institute and the Embassy of Spain in India. On December 1 and 2, the illustrator will offer various creative workshops for children and families at the Indira Gandhi National Arts Center (IGNCA).

Christmas Cards with Correos

Correos congratulate us the next festivities with its collection of
Christmas Cards 2018, illustrated this year by Anuska Allepuz, Estelí Meza, Jacobo Muñiz, Juan Palomino, Laura Pérez and Laura Wächter.

Spanish flu

The largest health epidemic killed 2.5% of the world population in a few months. In its centenary, Agencia Sinc analyzes this pandemic, with an illustration by Cinta Arribas.


David de las Heras illustrated a very special Hemper's gift for its #HemperWhiteweek. An illustration that represents the spirit of this unique brand.

Don Gregorio

Don Gregorio is the title of the exhibition-tribute commemorating the first anniversary of the death of Don Gregorio, the popular humorist Chiquito de la Calzada. Laura Wächter participates with one illustration.

World Health Organization

The World Health Organization (WHO) organizes the
World Antibiotic Awareness Week (WAAW). One more year, OneBigRobot has designed the graphic for this campaign illustrated by Laura Pérez.

Los ladrones de montañas

Los ladrones de montañas is the fourth adventure of Minerva Watson (
Edebé), collection written by Carlos Salem and illustrated by Maria Simavilla.


Jesús Cisneros illustrated the cover of Descendientes (Descendants), written by Nicolás Muñoz, in Automática Editorial.


Laura Wächter illustrated the article dedicated to Alan Turing in the last issue of Principia.

Brujarella y la Diva

She's back, and this time she's not going to let the witches blow it all over again. First she'll have to destroy them.
Thule published the second number of the saga of Iban Barrenetxea: Brujarella y la Diva (Brujarella and the Diva).

Cuarenta cuentos a todo vapor

Cecilia Moreno and Ana Pez participate in
Cuarenta cuentos a todo vapor (Forty stories in full steam), an anthology of forty stories created to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Barco de Vapor collection at SM.
October 2018

Clones en stock

Laura Pérez illustrated the cover of
Clones en stock, a classic of youth science fiction by Pascale Maret, for Milan Édtitions.

Estampas sanguinas

Pati Aguilera illustrated Estampas santiaguinas (Letra Capital Ediciones). The Oreste Plath's urban chronicles selected for first time and published at a special book.

Lisa Meitner

The forgotten pioneer of nuclear fission, Lisa Meitner, died on October 27, 1978. The
Agency Sinc has used its anniversary to claim her and Cinta Arribas illustrated her.

The Alchemist

Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist has touched the lives of millions of people. In this spectacular first
Folio Society edition, Jesús Cisneros’s stunning illustrations work in perfect harmony with the narrative.

Tierra Adentro

Juan Palomino, together with Ana Paula Ojeda, published the story Todo lo que toca la luz, narrated in comic format, in the magazine Tierra Adentro.

Week of the Album

Cecilia Moreno and Elena Odriozola will participate in the Week of the Album, organized by the collective of independent publishers ¡Âlbum!. A literary festival in bookstores, schools and libraries of multiple provinces from Spain.

América Late

'To my dear Ana Mendieta', mural of 10.7 x 2.6 meters that David de las Heras painted in acrylic at Casa de América for América Late.

Lucy Maud Montgomery

Anuska Allepuz (illustrations) and María Isabel Sánchez Vergara (text) tell us the life of Lucy Maud Montgomery, the author of the popular Anne of Green Gables, on Alba Editorial (Spain) and Frances Lincoln Children's Books (United Kingdom).


Laura Pérez has illustrated the cover of Farmapremium's catalog: Viva #21.
September 2018

A hobbit, a wardrobe and a great war

David de las Heras illustrated the cover for Un hobbit, un armario y una gran guerra (A hobbit, a wardrobe and a Great War), published by Larrad Ediciones, an essay about J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis.

Wonder Woman

DC Comics has looked for a great ally to Wonder Woman for numbers 54 and 55: Raúl Allén. 

El Malpensante

The magazine 
El Malpensante published Un gran esfuerzo (A great effort), short story by Samanta Schweblin, illustrated by Sandra Rilova.


Iban Barrenetxea will participate this year in
Irudika, international professional illustration meeting organized by Euskal Irudigileak (Professional Association of Illustrators of Euskadi), from October 18 to 20 at Artium (Vitoria-Gasteiz).

The Boston Globe

Laura Pérez illustrated the article 'The twilight of closed adoption' for The Boston Globe.


A cat with a tie is the workshop of Cecilia Moreno in
Cosmopeque, the children's section of the international festival Cosmopoetica, in Cordoba.


Estelí Meza has been selected in the catalog of the International Children's Book Fair of Mexico (FILIJ). Congratularions!

La maleta de Portbou

Uses and abuses of the genetic edition on the cover illustrated by David de las Heras for La Maleta de Portbou #30.

Centre comercial L'Oblit

Where will things that we lose go to? Perhaps we find an explanation in Centre Comercial L'Oblit (
Andana Editorial), work with which Purificació Mascarell has won the Enric Lluch Children's Narrative Award and that Laura Pérez has illustrated.
August 2018

El escándalo del siglo

David de las Heras painted to Gabriel García Márquez on the cover of El escándalo del siglo (
Random House Literature), anthology of his journalistic work with more than fifty representative texts throughout his career.

Social Sciences

Felipe López Salán illustrated the Social Sciences textbook of the third year of Primary published by SM.

Baltimore Magazine

Laura Pérez illustrated the article Kitchen Confidential, by Jane Marion, for Baltimore Magazine.


Ana Pez illustrated the textbooks published by Edelvives.


Maite Gurrutxaga has filled with characters the entrance glass of the new fronton in Amezketa.

Em algum lugar do mundo

Jacobo Muñiz illustrated Em algum lugar do mundo (Editora do Brasil), written by Anna Claudia Ramos. 

68 voices

Estelí Meza participates in
68 voces - 68 corazones (68 voices - 68 hearts), project by Gabriela Badillo / Hola Combo with the support of institutions and television channels in Mexico, which collects indigenous stories in animated pieces.

La Peste

Sandra Rilova illustrated this cover for La Peste magazine.

Roberluxtina i la reunió de les bruixes

Flavia Zorrilla has illustrated the funny Roberluxtina i la reunió de les bruixes (Cruïlla).


Álex Herrerías guides us through unique scenarios in the pages of Aire, the on-board magazine of Aeroméxico's airplanes.

¡La Leche!

Maite Gurrutxaga collaborated with the magazine ¡La Leche!

Maria Mitchell

Maria Mitchell was the first professional astronomer in the US, to whom
Sinc has paid tribute with this illustration by Cinta Arribas on her anniversary.

Laus Prizes

Congratulations!! The campaign Sueños (Dreams) by
CONTRAPUNTO BBDO for Loterías y Apuestas del Estado (Spain), illustrated by Iban Barrenetxea, won a Bronze in the Laus Prizes (Art Direction - Illustration).
July 2018

Feira na eira

Cinta Arribas illustrated the poster for Feira na eira festival in Santiago de Compostela.

El Caballero de Olmedo

Jesús Aguado illustrated El Caballero de Olmedo, classic theatrical work written by Lope de Vega, for Oxford.

Illustrators Catalogue

The XXVIII Illustrators Catalogue of Children's and Youth Publications has selected to Álex Herrerías with the illustrarion titled Para volar con mis ancestros.

Sol Undurraga won a Mention on Iberoamerica Ilustra Catalog

Sol Undurraga has received a Special Mention in the 9th IberoAmerican Catalog of illustrations promoted by Fundación SM, El Ilustradero y FIL Guadalajara (Mexico).

Anna i la màquina del temps

Laura Pérez illustrated the poster for Anna i la màquina del temps (Anna and the Time Machine), directed by Cristina Fernández and written by Manu Valls. This piece of science fiction and adventures is presented by Dacsa Produccione at Teatro Escalante.
June 2018


Juan Palomino illustrated Caminar (Nórdica Libros) with texts by William Hazlitt and Robert Louis Stevenson.

Por encima de rama y hoja

Antonio Santos illustrated a very popular tale from the Pyrenees, which Sandra Araguás adapts for Editorial Sin Cabeza:  Por encima de rama y hoja (Above branch and leaf).

'Amattoren uzta' APP

Galtzagorri converts the book Amattoren uzta, by Patxi Zubizarreta and Maite Gurrutxaga (illustrations) into an app as an interactive story and graphic adventure.


Jazmin Villagrán illustrated several stories for the complementary materials of Santillana at the classroom.

Play and learn

Cecilia Moreno illustrated the activity notebooks that
SM launches this summer with the aim of playing and learning: Play and Read, Play and write, Play and learn English...


Nexos magazine interviews the Romanian writer Mircea Cărtărescu, winner of the Formentor de las Letras 2018 Prize, and offers a preview of his next book, after the very celebrated Solenoid. All with the illustrations of Estelí Meza.

Gau Zuria

Elena Odriozola illustrated the image for the Gau Zuria 2018 in Bilbao.

Welcome, Sandra Rilova!

Sandra studied Fine Arts at the University of the Basque Country, specializing in painting. Soon after, in pursuit of her passion for cinematography, she moved to Barcelona where she studied Art Direction. After working on various projects, she realized that it wasn’t what she was looking for, and in this moment of doubt, illustration came into her life.

El País

Nicolás Aznárez illustrated the article written by Juan Luis Cebrian about ethics and politics for El País. 

Contemporary illustration in children's literature

The SM Foundation and the Obra Social "la Caixa" organize, at Caixaforum Madrid, the collective exhibition Illustrate. The contemporary illustration in children's literature. The exhibition brings together the artistic and editorial work of the winners of the International Illustration Award Bologna Fair-SM Foundation, where Juan Palomino participates.
May 2018

Teresa la princesa

The tandem Margarita del Mazo (text) and Cecilia Moreno (illustrations) publishes new story for babies: Teresa la princesa (Ediciones Jaguar).

La danza de los demonios

This novel, written by Esther Singer Kreitman, passionately portrays the world of Jewish Warsaw. Published in Poland in 1936, La danza de los demonios constitutes a literary rediscovery by Xordica Editorial with the covered illustrated by Antonio Santos.

Camino de Santiago for pilgrims

Cinta Arribas has created an infographic poster to help pilgrims identify the official signs of the Camino de Santiago.

La maleta de Portbou

The new paradigm of feminism and the revolutions of 1968 are analyzed by La Maleta de Portbou magazine, at its May-June issue, with cover illustrated by David de las Heras.

Doodle dedicated to Alfonso Reyes

Juan Palomino illustrated the Doodle commemorating the 129th anniversary of the birth of the Mexican Alfonso Reyes (writer/poet, essayist and diplomat).


Pengüi, a character created by Álex Herrerías, you will learn more about the different worlds that the Penguin Random House authors have created for you.

Stories and legends from Latin America

The anthology compiled by Gloria Cecilia Díaz with the illustrations by Estelí Meza, published by Anaya, guide us through stories and legends that take us by the hand along the paths of the ancestral imagination of Latin Americans.

¡La Leche!

Maite Gurrutxaga collaborated with the magazine ¡La Leche!

Paisaxes e personaxes

Jacobo Muñiz participates at the collective exhibition Paisaxes e personaxes, which honors the writer María Victoria Moreno, promoted by the Xunta de Galicia and curated by David Pintor.

Biografía de un cuerpo

David de las Heras illustrated the cover for
Biografía de un cuerpo, written by Mónica Rodríguez. This book won the Gran Angular 2018 Prize (SM).

Ilumina 2018

The eighth edition of
Ilumina Castilla y León has begun to walk with the image illustrated by Iban Barrenetxea. Ilumina is a program of the Junta de Castilla y León for the promotion of books and reading, consisting of a wide range of cultural activities to be held at book fairs.

110% Magazin

Nicolás Aznárez illustrated about urban mobility in the 110% Magazin.

Brígida Magazine

The unpublished works of thirteen authors integrate the first issue of Brígida, an international comic magazine made by women. For this year, three more editions are being projected with the collaboration of creators from different countries in Latin America.
April 2018


Estelí Meza illustrated a special dossier, fot
Nexos magazine, about the different types of violence (sexual, labor, psychological ...) that plague Mexico.

The forest inside of me

The forest inside of me is the motive of the XIV Encounter of Reading Animators  organized by the Cultural Association Pizpirigaña in the Forest of Bosque de Riocantos (Arenas de San Pedro, Ávila) with poster illustrated by Iban Barrenetxea.


The Sunday magazine 7K celebrated its 1,000 numbers with a special cover illustrated by Maite Gurrutxaga.

Cinta Arribas, Special Mention at Ilustrarte18

The collages that Cinta Arribas created for her exhibition at the La Atómica gallery, in Valladolid, hav benn awarded with a Special Mention at Ilustrarte, a Portuguese biennial of illustration.

Valladolid Book Fair

Raúl Allén illustrated the poster for 51 Valladolid Book Fair.

Crónica de una explosión

David de las Heras illustrated the cover of Crónica de una explosión, by Yan Lianke, for
Automática Editorial. The small village Explotia will go from having a few hundred inhabitants to become a megalopolis of more than twenty million of souls.

Responsible sexuality

Laura Wächter illustrated the Responsible Sexuality Plain for People with Intellectual Disabilities (Editorial Sanz y Torres), written by Belén Gutiérrez Bermejo and Cristina Jenaro Río with the collaboration of Carlos de la Cruz.
March 2018


The annual
Spectrum, which includes "the best and brightest creators of fantastic art from around the world," has selected to Álex Herrerías on its number 25. Specifically, this prestigious list highlights one of his illustrations for the book Arquímedes. Todo principio tiene un principio (Archimedes. Every principle has a beginning), published by Vegueta Ediciones.

I hate everyone

Cinta Arribas illustrated I Hate Everyone, published by 
POW! (USA). In spare, poignant, direct prose, I Hate Everyone, written by Naomi Danis, paints a nuanced and honest portrait of the complex emotional lives of children.

Correr, viajar, vivir

Laura Pérez illustrated the cover of Correr, viajar, vivir (
Temas de Hoy), a tour of the 17 autonomous communities for lovers of running.

Penny Berry y el anillo de Shazzan

At this new book of the saga, written by Lluís Prats and illustrated by María Simavilla for
SM, the great exodus has begun. All the creatures from Amhuinn go to the refuges of Cairngorms.

La maleta de Portbou

What's new? is asked by 
La Maleta de Portbou magazine, at its March-April issue, with cover illustrated by David de las Heras.

Estelí Meza illustrated a Doodle for International Women’s Day 2018

Google has invited twelve illustrators from all over the world, including Estelí Meza, to cellebration of International Women's Day with a Doodle in which everyone has a personal story.


In the bicentennial of Frankenstein or the modern Prometheus (1818), written by Mary Shelley,
Nórdica Libros publishes a new edition of its well-known version illustrated by Elena Odriozola.
February 2018

El maleficio de la princesa

Jesús Aguado illustrated
El maleficio de la princesa, written by Antonio A. Gómez Yebra, for Anaya Infantil.

Cambridge School of Art

Flavia Zorrilla's work has been highlighted among the 82 projects of the students enrolled at the Master of Illustration at the Cambridge School Art - Anglia Ruskin University for the annual prganized by Walker Book. Congratulations!!

De pelo en pecho

Cinta Arribas participates at the collective exhibition titled
De pelo en pecho, organized by Tik Tok with the curator Ana Galvañ. The exhibition can be visited from February 22 to March 31 at the exhibition hall of the CDI Centro Dotacional Integrado of Arganzuela (Madrid).


Maite Gurrutxaga illustrated a new edition of Inari, Laponiako lore, novel by Joseba Ossa published by begiko.

Gamer & héroe

Raúl Allén illustrated the cover of
Gamer & héroe (Ediciones Martínez Roca). A story written by the popular The Catacroquer, set in the League of Legends universe. This is one of the most popular video games on the net and the world of e-sports.

David de las Heras at Altera

From the coordinates and the senses, David de las Heras will participate on February 20 at
Altera 2018 organized by the Art School No. 1 of Santander. That same day, this illustrator will give the workshop The graphic discourse. How to dress an idea.
January 2018


The design in the public sector centers the last issue of
Gràffica magazine, a theme that Cinta Arribas interprets on the cover.

Ibargüengoitia's tales

Grupo Planeta celebrates the nine decades of the birth of the Mexican writer Jorge Ibargüengoitia with a series of special editions, including Cuentos para niños, illustrated by Juan Palomino.


Unesco in collaboration with the SM Foundation promotes Reconstruir sin ladrillos (Rebuilding without bricks), an initiative that responds to the educational needs of children, teachers and families who live in an emergency situation. The SM Foundation supports the project with the solidarity campaign #RegalaEducación, whose materials Ana Pez illustrated.

Virginia Woolf, las olas

Jesús Marchamalo (text) and Antonio Santos (illustrations) publish Virginia Woolf, las olas with Nórdica Libros at its collection dedicated to the life of authors.


Felipe López transports us to the ancient Celtiberian city of Numancia, in Soria, which resisted eleven months of siege by the Roman army. In vignettes, the Junta de Castilla y León, together with the City Council and the Diputación de Soria, tell this story to the little visitors.

Secret Weapons

The covers by Raúl Allén for Secret Weapons (
Valiant Comics), saga in which he works with Eric Heisserer and Patricia Martin, are receiving a multitude of recognitions from the specialized critics and their growing legion of followers. Its visual power has been highlighted by publications such as SyfyWire, Doom Rocket or Retcon Punch.

La maleta de Portbou

The January-February issue of the magazine
La maleta de Portbou, with cover illustrated by David de las Heras, tells us about Catalonia, an european crisis.

¡La Leche!

Maite Gurrutxaga collaborated with the magazine ¡La Leche!


Finding us, being really is the proposal of the article illustrated by Laura Pérez in the magazine
Kireei. This issue 9 is dedicated to "The world we want". Illustration, photography, handmade, houses, kitchen.

Arab legends

Protecting the oral tradition of Arab legends is the objective of the book published by the
Institut du Monde Arabe. Estelí Meza illustrated the story El vaso encantado, while Flavia Zorrilla illustrated El leñador y el genio.

Can Llàtzer

Jesús Aguado illustrated the image of Horno Can Llàtzer, a project of labor insertion of ASPANADIF.
December 2017

Felices Fiestas desde El Asombrario

Ilustrísimo Planeta, the section that draws a sustainable and circular world in El Asombrario, Ecoembes and Cecilia Moreno wish us Happy Holidays. 

Workshops at library

Two illustrated workshops with Cinta Arribas at the Library of Castilla y León on December 27 and January 3.

Mi madre la oca

To celebrate New Year's Eve, Teatro Real premieres a new production for all audiences: Mi madre la oca (My mother the goose). The music of the famous work by Maurice Ravel, accompanied by the illustrations by Iban Barrenetxea.

A year in El País

By the end of 2017, Nicolás Aznárez selects his favorite illustrations of this year in the pages of El País.

Desarrollos diferentes

Estelí Meza, Felipe López Salán, Flavia Zorrilla, Jacobo Muñiz, Jesús Cisneros, Jokin Mitxelena, Juan Palomino, Laura Pérez, Maite Gurrutxaga, Noemí Villamuza and Pati Aguilera participate in the psychology manual Different Developments (Sanz and Torres), coordinated by Belén Gutiérrez Bermejo and Ángeles Brioso Díez, for the Uned.

Minerva Watson

El extraño caso del fantasma que no era is the second adventure of Minerva Watson (
Edebé), collection written by Carlos Salem and illustrated by Maria Simavilla.

Nadal no Gaiás

The circus is the star of the Nadal no Gaiás program in Cidade da Cultura. Cinta Arribas illustrated its poster. Christmas and the circus have much in common: magic, fantasy, illusion...

Twenty years with APIV

The Associació Professional d'Il·lustradors de València (APIV) celebrates 20 years and the Generalitat of Valencia celebrates it editing an illustrated calendar for protocol use with different creators. Laura Pérez interprets her December while we wish APIV, at least, another 20 decades of activity.

El País

On constitutional and territorial reforms have been the last collaborations of Nicolás Aznárez in El País.

In viaggio con Lloyd

An introspective journey, in search of the wisdom that flees, along with the two protagonists Sir and Lloyd, his imaginary butler. In viaggio con Lloyd (Rizzoli Lizard), second novel written by Simone Tempia amd illustrated by Gianluca Folì.

Ilustrísimo Planeta

In these days of so much cold and so much night, on
Ilustrísimo Planeta, the luminous section of El Asombrario and Ecoembes, a sun by Cecilia Moreno.


Cinta Arribas illustrated the solidarity calendar of
Leaozinho. All proceeds will go to support their music schools in the refugee camp of Dakhla (Sahara) and the favelas of the Complexo de Maré (Rio de Janeiro).

Mi hermano derecha

A boy with the potential to have the ball with the fastest ball of all times starred
Mi hermano derecha, the novel with which Pamela Pulido has won the SM Award El Barco de Vapor from Mexico. The book was presented at the FIL of Guadalajara, illustrated by Álex Herrerías.

Christmas cards for Correos

Correos invites us to congratulate the Christmas with this collection of cards for 2017, illustrated by Álex Herrerías, David de las Heras, Iban Barrenetxea, Jesús Aguado, Maite Gurrutxaga and Noemí Villamuza.


Thule just published Brujarella, by Iban Barrenetxea, at an colour edition.
November 2017

Family Circle

Work and social media, article illustrated by Laura Pérez for the magazine Family Circle.

La merienda del parque

Did you know that parks also snack? Alberto, in this fun adventure, discover us the wonderful fauna that lives there thanks to Cecilia Moreno (illustrations) and Pablo Albo (text) in La merienda del parque (Narval).

Pequeña & Grande at La Central

Apúntate al taller de Pequeña & Grande Gloria Fuertes en
La Central de Callao (Madrid). Conocerás la pequeña historia de esta gran poeta. Y podrás dibujar tu propia portada de la colección en el taller de dibujo de la mano de Cinta Arribas y Mª Isabel Sánchez Vegara, las autoras de este libro.

Hall of Cordoba

Cinta Arribas collaborates at Children's Book Hall of Cordoba, where she'll talk about the poet Gloria Fuertes.

Kei y el Coloso de Rodas

An island, an engineer, a girl, Alexander the Great, the god of Rhodes ... they meet in Kei y el Coloso de Rodas (Ediciones Norma), written by María García Esperón and illustrated by Álex Herrerías.

Tolstoi's tales

A wolf that talks with the children, a lion that knows how to be a good friend, a clueless bear, a captive goldfinch and several puppies take us on a journey through the imagination of Lev Tolstoi in Cuentos de niños (Secretaría de Cultura de México), adapted by Selma Ancira with the illustrations of Flavia Zorrilla.


FLIC Festival organizes the second edition of the
Illustration Fair, with the collaboration of Pencil, on 9 and 10 March at the Museu del Disseny de Barcelona within the Designing Literatures conferences.

Tigre batekin bizi

A new story or graphic poem for adults comes from the hand of Harkaitz Cano (text) and Maite Gurrutxaga (illustrations). Tigre batekin bizi (Elkar) shows the restlessness and commotion that arises when living with a tiger and raises several questions derived from the situation.

Welcome, Nicolás Aznárez!

Born October 5 of 1984 in Washington DC, USA, but with origins from Navarra, Spain, Nicolás has had the opportunity to live in several countries and to meet cultures as contrasting as the ones of Japan, Mexico, Argentina and Cuba.

El príncipe moro

A prince who loses his kingdom is the protagonist of El príncipe moro y el pescadito de oro (Cataplum Libros), written by Fernando Paz Castillo and illustrated by Jesús Cisneros. The fairy that protects him will give him the opportunity to recover it.

Allergic Living Magazine

Laura Pérez illustrated the article Healthy home: Pesky Pets, by Jennifer Van Evra, in Allergic Living Magazine.
October 2017

Ilustrísimo Planeta

Cecilia Moreno joins at
Ilustrísimo Planeta, section of El Asombrario & Co. which tells us in bullets the importance of recycling, responsible consumption, environmental education and circular economy.

Educar en lenguaje positivo

Noemí Villamuza illustrated the explanations of Luis Castellanos on the importance of language in the education of our children for Educar en lenguaje positivo (Paidós).

National lottery

Iban Barrenetxea illustrated the last campaign for National Lottery from Spain.

Gràffica 7

The last issue of
Gràffica attends two of the most universal concepts of all: success and failure. This time, Cinta Arribas illustrated the article The failure is not so cool.


María Simavilla and Pencil participate at ÚNICOS, conferences about illustration at the School of Art and Design Superior of Segovia.


ZINK Espacio Emergente organizes its II National Illustration Lectures
ILUSTRA_SAL in Salamanca, from 16 to 18 November, with more free registration meetings and workshops.

Prohibido nacer

New cover by David de las Heras, for Blackie Books, with
Prohibido nacer, the memories of racism, rage and laughter of Trevor Noah.

Pequeña & Grande Gloria Fuertes

Cinta Arribas illustrated Pequeña & Grande Gloria Fuertes for
Alba Editorial. She is one of the great Spanish poets of the twentieth century and a referent of children's literature.

Gutenberg, an amazing inventor

Vegueta Ediciones launches Genios de la Ciencia, the series of biographies of the most important scientists and inventors. The collection starts with Gutenberg, un inventor impresionante, illustrated by Noemí Villamuza.

El día de tu cumpleaños

Grafito Ediciones celebrates the centenary of the Chilean Violeta Parra with a special edition of El día de tu cumpleaños, illustrated by Pati Aguilera.

¡La leche!

Maite Gurrutxaga collaborated with the magazine ¡La Leche!

White Ravens 2017

El secreto de Enola (
Edelvives), by Daniel Hernández Chambers (text) and David de las Heras (illustrations), has been included by the Internationale Jugendbibliothek (International Youth Library) on its catalog White Ravens 2017.

Plan de prevención

Laura Pérez illustrated the cover for Plan de prevención y actuación ante el maltrato en los centros de atención a personas con discapacidad intelectual, written by Belén Gutiérrez Bermejo and Cristina Jenaro Río for UNED.


On 4th October
Agencia Sinc reminded Martina Castells i Ballespí. That day of 1882, shebecame the first Spanish woman doctor in Medicine. Cinta Arribas imagines her so.

Welcome, Laura Wächter!

She was born to a German father and Spanish mother and raised between rural Malaga and Extremadura.

Los días de Lía

Maite Gurrutxaga illustrates Los días de Lía in El Barco de Vapor (SM), in which the writer Edmée Pardo talks about the changes.

Cerveza Victoria

David de las Heras has collaborated with
Olga Subirós Studio in the ceramic mural for the new Cerveza Victoria's factory in Malaga. The illustration is a tribute to the traditional image of the brand.
September 2017


Antonio Santos illustrated the poster for Perfiferias festival (Huesca).

Comprehension Textbook

Jacobo Muñiz illustrated the Comprehension notebook for 5th grade of Primary Education (SM).


Evelyn Daviddi shows us her creative paths the exhibition Trame, which we can visit until 31 October at Comò Space.

Les cahiers

Gianluca Folì illustrated the article Familie et argent. Font-ils bon ménage? for Les cahieres de la Banque de Luxemburg, about the management of the expenses and earnings of the modern family.

Russian Revolution

The magazine
La maleta de Portbou is dedicated to Russian Revolution of 1917. The answer may be on its cover with the portrait of Vladimir Putin, illustrated by David de las Heras.

Minerva Watson

El asombroso caso de las sombras equivocadas is the first adventure of Minerva Watson (Edebé), collection written by Carlos Salem and illustrated by Maria Simavilla.

Corriere della sera

Gianluca Folì illustrated for Corriere della sera.
August 2017

Cariño de cerdo

Álex Herrerías illustrated
Cariño de cerdo (Edebé), a story written by Elizabeth Cruz.


The look of the artist for the special TELVA Fall-Winter 2017/18 is illustrated by David de las Heras. The Chinoise, one of the masterpieces directed by Jean-Luc Godard, is his inspiration.

Geography and History

Elena Odriozola illustrated the textbook for Geography and History (SM).

Barco de Vapor

Pati Aguilera illustrated the poster of the call for the XII Concurso de Literatura Infantil El Barco de Vapor 2017 (Chile).

Brio Magazine

Laura Pérez illustrated The New Girl's Manual, a feature by Carmen P. Benedict currently in Brio magazine, the faith-based magazine for teenage girls.

El País Semanal

Amy Winehouse, painted by David de las Heras, on the cover of
El País Semanal. The writer Leslie Jamison explores the obsession for the excessive life of the British singer, deceased six years ago, in the article Amy Winehouse, confessions of an irreverent fan.

Erik Vogler: Sin corazón

A new case for the most freak detective of history in a new title of Erik Vogler (
Edebé): Sin corazón. Pure thriller written by Beatriz Osés with cover illustrated by Iban Barrenetxea.

Women orgasm

August 8 is the
World Day for Women's Orgasm, as this article, illustrated by Cinta Arribas, recalls on SInc.

Galicia Escena Pro

Cinta Arribas illustrated the poster for Galicia Escena Pro, festival organized in Santiago de Compostela.


Cecilia Moreno has been selected for the Bienal de Ilustração Solidária Ajudaris (BIISA) from Porto (Portugal). Congratulations!
July 2017

Sol Undurraga won a Mention on Iberoamerica Ilustra Catalog

Iberamérica Ilustra Catalog have good news. At its eighth edition, the jury has awarded wit a Mention to Sol Undurraga and has also selected to Estelí Meza. Congratulations!!

Cultural Heritage

Pati Aguilera designed the visual identity of Chile's Cultural Heritage Day.

Las aventuras de Brócole

How is the life of a broccoli? Brocole withers at a store because children do not pay attention to its benefits, as Ana Pérez Zaldívar (text) and Jazmin Villagrám (illustrations) tells in Las aventuras de Brócole (The Adventures of Brocole), published by Alfaguara Infantil.

Benicio, Best Book Published

Benicio y el prodigioso náufrago (Benicio and the prodigious shipwreck), by Iban Barrenetxea (
A Buen Paso), has been recognized as Best Book Published during 2016, at the category of Children's Books, by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports of Spain. Congratulations!!!

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

The Mini Classics of
Bromera adapts The hunchback of Notre Dame, illustrated by Noemí Villamuza.
June 2017

CCEI Award

The publishing house Edelvives with The Secret of Enola, illustrated by David de las Heras and written by Daniel Hernández Chambers, has won the CCEI Illustration Award. Congratulations!

Paul Broca

Sinc Agency rememberes the figure of Paul Broca, the discoverer of the region of speech in the brain, illustrated by Cinta Arribas.

Stop ALS

On the occasion of the International Day of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), the
Sinc Agency put the focus, illustrated by Cinta Arribas, on this neurodegenerative disease that, for the moment, is incurable and deadly.

¡La Leche!

Maite Gurrutxaga collaborated with the magazine ¡La Leche!

The Washington Post

Laura Perez illustrated, in
The Washington Post, the article 'Dating on vacation: Dead end, escape from routine or a little of both?'

El foraster

Laura Pérez participates in the campaign
Llegir en valencià, les nostres contalles (Read in Valencian, our stories), promoted by Fundació Bromera, illustrating El foraster (The stranger), novel written by Joanjo Garcia. The titles will appear weekly at the kiosks.

Lila Sacher y la expedición al norte

A fantastic and exciting trip where everything is possible, from the imagination of the writer Catalina González Vilar and the illustrations of Anuska Allepuz: Lila Sacher y la expedición al norte (Lila Sacher and the expedition to the north), SM.

Un ottimo lavoro, awarded in Italy

Un ottimo lavoro (
Sinnos), the Italian version of Iban Barrenetxea's El cuento del capintero (A Buen Paso), has been awarded by the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Cento.


The animals and the city is the backbone of the June issue of the magazine
Nexos. Estelí Meza illustrated the cover and two articles inside.

Solasaldiak Magazine

Maite Gurrutxaga illustrated the interview of Miel A. Elustondo to the writer Arantxa Urretabizkaia on the IVAP's Solasaldiak magazine (Basque Institute of Public Administration).

Summer workshops at the Library of Avila

The summer is very creative at the Public Library of Avila with the workshops Si lees, ves, with the illustrator Fernando Perez (June 27 and 29), and Palabras robadas, with Angel Domingo (July 4 and 5).


David de las Heras painted to the entrepreneur Bob Campbell on the cover of Footwear News magazine.

World Environment Day

June 5 is World Environment Day, a celebration that warns of the need to preserve the fragile environment in which we live. This is what the
Agencia Sinc reminds us with this illustration by Cinta Arribas. This year's theme has focused on the connection of man with nature, encourages people to delve into it and reflect on their dependence on the environment

Leeureka Award

Aventuras y desventuras de los alimentos que cambiaron el mundo (
A Fin de Cuentos Editorial), written by Teresa Benéitez with the illustrations by Flavia Zorrilla, has won the 1st Ibero-American 'Leeureka' Award, convened by the University of Salamanca.
May 2017

A day to forget tobacco

Sinc Agency joins World No Tobacco Day with a very eloquent illustration by Cinta Arribas.

Vanity Fair

Laura Perez clothes Carolina Herrera's Gold Incense perfume in Vanity Fair magazine.


Maite Gurrutxaga illustrated Martín, published by
La Topera. This picture book won the 2015 Lazarillo Prize, promoted by the Spanish Organization for the Children and Youth Book (OEPLI) with the support of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport. 

El pelotari y la fallera

The beer brand
Amstel launches a special edition, inspired by its film project El Pelotari y la Fallera, consisting of sixteen label designs for bottles and five cans created by the illustrators Carla Fuentes and Iban Barrenetxea.

La maleta de Portbou

The May-June issue of the magazine La maleta de Portbou, with cover illustrated by David de las Heras, tells us about educating in a changing world.

Más allá del mar de las tinieblas

In Más allá del mar de las tinieblas (
Siruela), with cover illustrated by Juan Palomino, we immerse in the magical history of the writing.

Estelí Meza, mention at Sharjah

Estelí Meza recently received her honorable mention at the Sharjah Exhibition for Children's Book Illustrations of the United Arab Emirates. Congratulations!!

Ilumina 2017

Cinta Arribas illustrated the official poster for Ilumina Castiila y León 2017, meetings about illustrations in the book fairs organized by Junta de Castilla y León.

El hijo de todos

The winning novel of the National Book Critics Circle Award 2017, El hijo de todos (LaRose), of Louise Erdrich, is published in Spain by Siruela with cover illustrated by Raúl Allén.

Salamanca Book Fair

María Simavilla illustrated the poster of the 37th Salamanca Book Fair.

Valladolid Book Fair

Gloria Fuertes, on the centenary of her birth, will be one of the protagonists of the
Valladolid Book Fair through the eyes of creators such as the illustrator Noemí Villamuza. We will also enjoy the creative writing workshop of Ángel Domingo for young writers and a special LuchaLibro Extra Show.

Behance Reviews

We will again collaborate with the portfolio review of
Behance Reviews Castilla y León on 11 May, which takes place in the School of Design, and we will talk about creativity.

Patios from Cordoba

We invite you to visit some magical and unique places with the book Los patios de Córdoba, by Manuel González Mestre (text) and Jacobo Muñiz (illustrations). 

The Washington Post

Laura Pérez illustrated the article 'Drawn to the Netherlands by an Urksome trait' on The Washington Post.
April 2017

The natural cycle

Cinta Arribas closed her collaboration wiht
Ilustrísimo Planeta, on El Asombrario & Co., emphasizing the importance of walking towards a circular model of society and economy, instead of the lineal one.

YA.NUNCA, Honorific Mention with Banco del Libro

YA.NUNCA, by Grassa Toro (text) and Cecilia Moreno (illustrations) and published by A Buen Paso, has received a Honorific Mention in the XXXVII Exhibition 'The best books for children and young people' of Banco del Libro (Venezuela).

Workshop in Soria

Noemí Villamuza will give the workshop Recital of drawings, Friday April 28, at the Public Library of Soria. The illustrator is inspired by the simple forms of the poetry written by Gloria Fuertes, full of freshness and sense of humour, and she proposes a workshop in which we draw verses and recite illustrations.

Tortuga Miope y Bestia Parda, ganadoras de LuchaLibro Valladolid 2017

Ronda tras ronda los ilustradores y escritores luchadores enmascarados afilaron ingenio y lapiceros hasta la gran final de la primera edición de LuchaLibro Valladolid, certamen de improvisación literaria, celebrada en el Paraninfo de la Universidad de Valladolid. Tras una dura contienda entre inmensos talentos, las ganadoras fueron Tortuga Miope (en la modalidad de escritores) y Bestia Parda (en la categoría de ilustradores). Su premio será la publicación de un libro a cuatro manos por parte del Centro Buendía, coordinado por la agencia Pencil Ilustradores con el aval de Nórdica Libros y la colaboración de la Universidad Permanente Millán Santos y el Servicio de Publicaciones de la UVA.


Jokin Mitxelena is the author of the 20,000 bookmarks that commemorate, on April 23, the International Book Day in San Sebastian, organized by Donostia Kultura and the Gremio de Libreros de Gipuzkoa.

LuchaLibro 2017

Muchos valientes aceptaron el reto y ya conocemos a los 16 osados ilustradores y escritores que se subirán al cuadrilátero literario de la primera edición de LuchaLibro Valladolid, organizada por el Centro Buendía de la Universidad de Valladolid y la agencia Pencil Ilustradores en colaboración con la Universidad Permanente ‘Millán Santos’, el Servicio de Publicaciones y Nórdica Libros. Luchadores de diferentes puntos de España se darán cita en una intensa velada que convertirá el Paraninfo de la Universidad en ring el viernes 21 de abril, desde las 18 horas, dentro de la programación de la UVA con motivo del Día del Libro.

Spritz at Billar de Letras

Varios ilustradores y un spritz (Several illustrators and one spritz) at
Billar de Letras, with the collaboration of Pencil, for La Noche de los Libros in Madrid with David de las Heras, Cecilia Moreno and Antonio Santos with Ana Linde, specialist in typography, and Raquel Martínez, publisher of Wonder Ponder.

Workshop in Ávila

Noemí Villamuza will give the workshop Recital of drawings, Saturday April 22, at the Public Library of Avila. The illustrator is inspired by the simple forms of the poetry written by Gloria Fuertes, full of freshness and sense of humour, and she proposes a workshop in which we draw verses and recite illustrations.

El coro

Marina Palei takes us to a German farm during the last moments of World War II in El Coro, with cover illustrated by Iban Barrenetxea (Automática Editorial).

Billy Elliot

Who does not know Billy Elliot after the Stephen Daldry's movie? Based on the Lee Hall's script, Melvin Burgess wrote a youth novel whose edition renews El Barco de Vapor (SM-Cruïlla) illustrated by Maria Simaviilla.

Booktrailer of 'Benicio y el Prodigioso Náufrago'

The awaited new story written and illustrated by Iban Barrenetxea, Benicio y el Prodigioso Náufrago (A Buen Paso), is already in the bookstores. A story about the fragility of the human soul illustrated with elegant images that show us the sea and Benicio's boat as immense stage of a small comedy.
March 2017

Mermaid vs. waste

In her second vignette for the ecological section of
El Asombrario & Co., Cinta Arribas becomes a siren that sends us a strong message against the excessive generation of waste.

El Asombrario & Co.

Cinta Arribas joins at
Ilustrísimo Planeta, section of El Asombrario & Co. which tells us in bullets the importance of recycling, responsible consumption, environmental education and circular economy.

Las entrañas del Diablo

Raúl Allén illustrated the cover for Las entrañas del Diablo, published by Martínez Roca.


Disney te mintió, nadie es media naranja de nadie, article illustrated by Jesús Cisneros for the digital magazine s1ngular.

La Inmortal

Judit is almost twelve and a gift for drawing. She lives with her mother and grandfather in Geneva. Her father, a famous painter, left for Hungary when she was a child. Maite Gurrutxaga illustrates La Inmortal, written by Ricard Ruiz Garzón, Edebé Prize for Children's Literature 2017.

LuchaLibro: Buscamos escritores & ilustradores

El Centro Buendía de la Universidad de Valladolid y la agencia Pencil Ilustradores, con la colaboración de la Universidad Permanente Millán Santos y el Servicio de Publicaciones, buscan luchadores para la primera edición de LuchaLibro en Valladolid, certamen de improvisación literaria para escritores e ilustradores nacido en Perú. Por primera vez en el mundo, a iniciativa de la sede de Valladolid, también competirán dibujantes. ¿Aceptas el reto? Los aspirantes deberán postularse antes del próximo 24 de marzo.

Geografía humana y otros poemas

Nórdica Libros publishes a selection of some of Gloria Fuertes' best poems published between 1950 and 2005, in the centenary of her birth, in dialogue with the graphic work by Noemí Villamuza for this edition.
February 2017

El abuelo

David de las Heras illustrated the cover of Aleksandr Chudakov's El abuelo (
Automática Editorial), awarded in 2011 with the Russian Booker Prize for the best novel of the decade.

Cara B

Laura Pérez and Cinta Arribas participated in the
B·sual exhibition of the Cara B Independent Culture Festival.

Andare, camminare, lavorare

Gianluca Folì illustrated the cover of Andare, camminare, lavorare (Feltrinelli), written by Angelo Ferracuti.

Coup de Pouce

Laura Pérez approaches, in the Canadian magazine Coup de Pouce, the recipe of good humor at work.

Harrotasuna eta aurrejuzkuak

Jane Austen can be read in Basque thanks to
Elkar, that publishes Harrotasuna eta aurrejuzkuak (Pride and Prejudice) with cover by Iban Barrenetxea.
January 2017

¿En dónde viven?

A book, written by Sergio de Régules and illustrated by Estelí Meza on
Fondo de Cultura Económica, which awakens the curiosity of the little ones to know how the houses of the different animals are.

Calendar of loqueleo

Jesús Cisneros has illustrated the 2017 calendar of loqueleo.

Instrucciones para convertirse en pirata

2016 Barco de Vapor Award from Mexico, written by Erika Zepeda, has been illustrated by Anuska Allepuz. Instrucciones para convertirse en pirata (Instructions to become a pirate) was chosen by the jury for his ability to speak of a sensitive subject for children -the absence of the father- with a funny tone.

Taller 'Somos nuestro portafolio'

Workshop de 12 horas (10 y 11 de marzo) a cargo de Sandra López y Ángel Domingo en FLIC Profesional. El objetivo es convertir el Portafolio en una herramienta eficaz para captar nuevos clientes y aprovechar cualquier formato, ya sea en papel o en digital, para la promoción del propio trabajo.

La maleta de Portbou

The magazine
La maleta de Portbou comes loaded with pressing issues and cover illustrated by David de las Heras.

Érase una vez lo que no fue

Juan Palomino wrote and illustrated the picturebook Érase una vez lo que no fue (Ediciones Castillo)

Don Quixote in the Niger River

After months of enthusiastic effort, the originals of Don Quixote in the Niger River are already in Spain. The Museum of African Art of the Alberto Jiménez-Arellano Alonso Foundation of the University of Valladolid hosts the exhibition of about 70 works of illustrators from the Sahel. It is a cultural initiative of the Spanish embassies in Guinea, Mali and Niger developed within the ACERCA Program of training for development in the AECID cultural sector and with the collaboration of the International and Latin American Foundation for Administration and Public Policies (FIIAPP). The Spanish public can now approach the figure of the most universal hidalgo through an African look.

Chi è felice non si muove

Chi è felice non si muove (
Feltrinelli), by Giulia Villoresi, with cover illustrated by Gianluca Folì.

Billar de Letras

Billar de Letras organiza un curso muy especial sobre el libro ilustrado, con sesiones teórico-prácticas los alumnos conocerán de primera mano cómo trabajan los distintos agentes dentro del mundo de la ilustración con destacados autores (Antonio Santos, Ana Pez...), editores (Diego Moreno, Nórdica; Raquel Martínez, Wonder Ponder; Samuel Alonso; Darío Ochoa, Automática...) y agentes (Sandra López, Pencil).

Calendar Nomad 2017

"Time doesn't forgive", Calendar Nomad 2017 reminds us at this collective publication in which Estelí Meza and Flavia Zorrilla participate.
December 2016

The Great Mosque of Cordoba

The History of the Great Mosque of Cordoba, from its construction by Abderramán I, in which it was Church of San Vicente, to the extensions of its successors are told by Manuel González Mestre (text) and Jacobo Muñiz in this guide published by Jiracebra Editions.

Workshops at Centro de Desarrollo Sociocultural FGSR

The Centro de Desarrollo Sociocultural (Center for Sociocultural Development) of the Germán Sánchez Ruipérez Foundation, in Peñaranda de Bracamonte (Salamanca), organizes two workshops with María Simavilla and Ana Pez at its children's library. 

Cano & Ugresic

Elena Odriozola illustrated the correspondence between the writers Harkaitz Cano and Dubravka Ugresic in the Chekhov vs. Shakespeare project, promoted by Donostia / San Sebastian 2016 European Capital of Culture.

Valencia se ilustra

Laura Pérez draws corners of the popular neighborhood of Carmen in Valencia is illustrated, cycle of exhibitions organized by La Rambleta and Cervezas Alhambra, which drives a 'map' of the city by different individual visions of local artists.

Había una vez

The story written by María Teresa Andruetto, illustrated by Antonio Sanros, makes us travel at the beginning of the word as a narrative force, posing at the same time the claim of women as transmitter of knowledge.

Penny Berry y el árbol de oro de Shangri-La

It's Christmas! Penny Berry prepares the suitcase to return to Berry Manor, her grandmother Octavia's mansion in Scotland where she spent last summer and the best of his life. Second adventure of this fantastic saga, written by Lluís Prats and illustrated by María Simavilla, with SM.

Keep Calm & Carry On

The cover illustrated by Cinta Arribas for the magazine of The Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX) just landed.

Benimaclet Entra

Laura Pérez illustrated the cover of
Benimaclet Entra, magazine and cultural agenda from the Valencian neighborhood.


There is a moment in the life of every child that comes the question: what do you want to be? And even though Ajonjolí is still a small squirrel, its teacher has asked it to think so. Ajonjolí (Grupo Edelvives - Editorial Progreso), is an story written by Roxanna Erdman and illustrated by Álex Herrerías.

El bolso de Blixen

Jesús Marchamalo (text) and Antonio Santos (illustrations) publish
El bolso de Blixen (Blixen's bag) with Nórdica Libros in their collection dedicated to the life of authors.

El Español

Conviene al Estado que tú mueras, article written by Javier Gómez de Liaño illustrated by Cinta Arribas on El Español.

Nadal no Gaiás

Cinta Arribas signs the image for
Nadal no Gaiás (Christmas in Galicia) at Cidade da cultura (City of Culture).

Toca el piano

James Rhodes, author of the bestseller Instrumental (
Blackie Books) with cover by David de las Heras, and one of the most recognized piano concert master, teaches us now to play the Preludio nº1 in Do C major in six weeks. And he repeats with David and Blackie.

FLIC Festival

FLIC Festival, with the collaboration of Pencil, will organize the first edition of the Illustration Fair, with special attention to the sector of children's and young people's literature. The event is framed in FLIC Professional, which this year celebrates its seventh edition at the Museum of the Disseny of Barcelona.
November 2016

Coco, ¿dónde estás?

Cinta Arribas publishes her first picture book with
Sallybooks: Coco, ¿dónde estás? (Coco, where are you?) The child protagonist looks for his dog Coco, he has lost it at the park while they walked. Coco is neither long nor boring, neither pink nor mischievous, nor small nor fearful, neither stretched nor nervous, neither fat nor smiling... Do you help him to look for it?


Encender la chispa is the title of the round table in which Ana Pez will dialogue with Sonia Antón Ríos, José Carlos Andrés (writer and storyteller) and Gema Sirvent (Editorial Libre Albedrío and writer) at Monolibro. Seminary on illustrated children's album.


Jazmin Villagrán has enjoyed an intense October. Every day she shared a new illustration on Inktober. Now she collects her favorite images with a calendar for 2017.

Abrir los ojos, oír llover

Darío is 7 years old and he hears; Mateo is 11 and he does not hear, he is deaf. A story for all, deaf and hearing, written by Adriana Zumaya and illustrated by Jesús Cisneros. Published by La Caja de Cerillos.


Juan Palomino and Sol Undurraga participates at the fifth edition of
FILustra, organized by the Guadalajata International Book Fari, from 27 to 28 November. The forum treats Creativity: the source of inspiration.

Maroma y la mariposa roja

Flavia Zorrilla illustrated Maroma y la mariposa roja, written by Ana María Machado and published by Ediciones Castillo.

Un mundo mejor

Eleven creators illustrated ten of the Rights of the Child at Un mundo mejor (A Better World), published by Jaguar. Among them, Jacobo Muñiz, Iban Barrenetxea and Elena Odriozola.


Náufragos, the graphic novel by Laura Perez (illustration) and Pablo Monforte (screenplay), wich won the IX Fnac Salamandra Graphic International Award comes to bookstores after months of "titanic" work.

Adiós a los cuentos de hadas

"I like to spend time alone, look at the ceiling and think, just think ... Sing songs ... Imagine that I travel ...", tells
the protagonists of Adiós a los cuentos de hadas (Bye to the fairy tales), published by Ediciones El Naranjo), with text by Elizabeth Cruz Madrid and illustrations by Estelí Meza.

Welcome, Diego Fournier!

All of Diego Fournier visual proposal strengthens the idea of his ability to tell a story and the graphic synthesis of it. Either as a designer, as a painter or as an author of children's stories, Fournier shows that brevity is a friend of perfection, and edits and suggests simple, playful and concrete ways that allow effectiveness to his visual idea.


Mexico City is illuminated these days with the 36 FILIJ (International Fair of Children and Youth Book), from 11 to 21 November, whose poster signs Juan Palomino. Among the busy schedule we find the presentation of the latest works by Estelí Meza, Álex Herrerías and Palomino.

On Fire

Pati Aguilera participates in On Fire, collective exhibition on the art of the phosphorus box in Santiago de Chile.

Euskal Irudigileak

David de las Heras participates in the conferences of Euskal Irudigileak Apie at Bilboarte on Friday 11 November, starting at 5 pm. He will talk about his career and how he began to devote himself to enlightenment.

Festival Iberoamericano de Literatura Infantil y Juvenil

We are delighted to participate in the II Festival Iberoamericano de Literatura Infantil y Juvenil that will take place the next 22nd and 23rd of November in Valladolid. The city will welcome writers, illustrators and experts interested in promoting reading from childhood to become the host of the second edition of this festival, organized by the Fundación Santillana and the Fundación Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes, under the auspices of Junta de Castilla y León.

Cinta Arribas en Graf

Cinta Arribas and María Pascual will give a puppet workshop on Sunday November 13 at the GRAF festival, which hosts independent editorials and initiatives around the comic, at Museo ABC.

El Balanzín

Maite Gurrutxaga illustrated the cover of the magazine that Euskal Irudigileak (Professional Association of illustrators of the Basque Country) publishes every year on the occasion of the hall of the comics from Getxo.

Benicio y el Prodigioso Náufrago

The awaited new story written and illustrated by Iban Barrenetxea, Benicio y el Prodigioso Náufrago (
A Buen Paso), is already in the bookstores. A story about the fragility of the human soul illustrated with elegant images that show us the sea and Benicio's boat as immense stage of a small comedy.

La maleta de Portbou

The magazine
La maleta de Portbou comes loaded with pressing issues and cover illustrated by David de las Heras.

Elena Odriozola, candidate for the Andersen Award

Spanish Organization for Children's and Youth (Oepli) -in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport- nominated Elena Odriozola (illustrator) and Alfredo Gómez Cerdá (writer) to Hans Christian Andersen Award, the highest international recognition to a living author, also known as the "Nobel Prize for Children's Literature", awarded by IBBY since 1956.
October 2016

Hombre sobre una escultura

This is the life of a group of friends (a photographer, an actress and the dealer of a casino) will accompany Hercules Degard, protagonist and narrator, at his strange attempt to transform society through art.

Natur & Kultur

Walking through the streets we learn Spanish with Natur & Kultur and Anuska Allepuz.

El cuaderno de Pancha

Flavia Zorrilla illustrated the cover for El cuaderno de Pancha, book prized with the Barco de Vapor Award (SM Mexico).

Prehistoric giants

Gigantes prehistóricos (Prehistoric Giants), published by SM with the magnificent realistic illustrations by Carlos Velázquez, reveals the large animals that lived in prehistoric times: birds, cats, marsupials, whales, horses, rhinos and proboscídeos.

Nature from Chile

Pati Aguilera participates at the collective calendar Nature from Chile, published by La Flor Pipa, for 2017.

Noemí Villamuza, at El Bosque de la Maga Colibrí

Qué feliz a lápiz is the eloquent title of the Noemí Villamuza's exhibition at the bookshop
El Bosque de la Maga Colibrí (Gijon). Since October 7 to November 19, we will enjoy with her final artwork and sketches of various previous work of the illustrator for various publishers over the past 15 years.

Penny Berry y la pócima mágica

Penny Berry is twelve years old, lives in London with her aunt since her parents died in an accident, and is about to catch a train that will take you to meet her grandmother Octavia. What she doesn't know is that her grandmother's house hidies many secrets. New fantastic saga, written by Lluís Prats and illustrated by María Simavilla, published by SM.

Prensas Universitarias

Jesús Cisneros signed these recent years the cover of the catalog of Prensas Universitarias, the publisher of the University of Zaragoza.
September 2016


Anuska Allepuz illustrated the Languege textbook for Primary School with Edelvives.

Invitemos a leer

Estelí Meza won Honorable Mention in the XXVIII National Poster Contest Invitemos a leer promoted by FILIJ-Mexico. Congratulations!!

7 cepas

A wine collection, 7 Cepas, by
Solar de Samaniego, pays tribute to twelve writers represented by Elena Odriozola on each label of this Reserve.

Ilustrasal 2016

Nos vemos en Ilustrasal, el I Concreso Nacional de Ilustración de Salamanca, organizado por Zink Espacio Emergente en Espacio de Artte Experimental de Hospedería Fonseca. Habrá exposiciones (del 17 de octubre al 23 de diciembre), ponencias (del 18 al 21 de octubre) y revisión de portafolios. La entrada será libre.

La nina amaziga

Aixa is a girl who is forced from very small to work as a maid in the house of Zahra, a little and capricious girl who treats her like a doll.

Lila Sacher y los Muelles del Horizonte

New book of Lila Sacher's saga, written by Catalina Gonzalez Villar and illustrated by Anuska Allepuz. On this occasion Lila, in the company of Uncle Argus, will try to enjoy a real vacation in Opalina, a famous coastal city legendary worldwide for its beautiful sunsets.

Corriere della Sera

With September, the Music Festival MiTo came to Milan. Gianluca Foli illustrated it so for the newspaper Corriere della Sera.

La maleta de Portbou

Refugees Brexit, wars... The magazine
La maleta de Portbou comes loaded with pressing issues and cover illustrated by David de las Heras.

Nariz, naricita

A story full of rhythm about the nose, published by
Combel, can also listen to the beat of music with the rhymes by Mar Benegas and illustrations by Cecilia Moreno.

El políptico de los iluminados

Commemorating the anniversary of the death of Hieronymus Bosch, David de las Heras takes part at the exhibition El políptico de los iluminados (The polyptych of the enlightened).

Mar abierto

Flavia Zorrilla is immersed in the Mar abierto (open sea), Pearson's collection, to illustrate its new catalog.

Salón del Cómic de Navarra

Iban Barrenetxea y Maite Gurrutxaga son dos de los invitados del VII Salón del Cómic de Navarra, que se celebra del 3 de septiembre al 2 de octubre en Pamplona.

Finca Corderilla

Jacobo Muñiz illustrated the label for Finca Corderilla Crianza 2012 (Solar de Samaniego).

El viaje

Alex Herrerías has been selected by the program Jóvenes Creadores (Youth creators), promoted by the Ministry of Culture from Mexico, to complete its graphic novel El viaje (The journey). Congratulations!!!
August 2016


María Simavilla illustrated text books for Llengua i Literature (Language and Literature) for Secundary Education (Baula).


Readings illustrated by Flavia Zorrilla Drago for Primary Education (Grazalema).

Illustrated alphabet

Ana Pez and Iban Barrenetxea participated between the 27 Spanish and Latin American illustrators of the illustrated alphabet, written by Carles Cano and published by Anaya.

FILIJ's catallogue

Estelí Meza, with Serenata, and Alex Herrerías, with Corre, armadillo, corre, have been selected by the XXVI Catálogo de Ilustradores de Publicaciones Infantiles y Juveniles promoted by Feria Internacional del Libro Infantil y Juvenil from Mexico (FILIJ).

Cabezas y limones

Juan Palomino illustrated the story
Cabezas y limones (Heads and lemons), by Sara Mesa, for El País.
July 2016

O conto do carpinteiro

Companhia das Letrinhas just publish the Brazilian edition of El cuento del carpintero, by Iban Barrenetxea. Already go five languages! !! Congratulations!!


Jacobo Muñiz illustrated for the text books published by Grazalema.

Can Butjosa

Can Butjosa Library celebrates its anniversary with a poster illustrated by Iban Barrenetxea.

Libros a la calle 2016

None day without poetry is the philosophy of
Libros a la calle, campaign promoted by Publishers Association from Madrid in the public transport. Raúl Allén illustrated Homenaje, poem by Juan Eduardo Cirlot.


Cinta Arribas has designed the image of
Canícula, cultural program that will have Injuve as a base.

Goldie and the chipmunk

Carlos Velázquez illustrated Goldie and the chipmunk, published by Heinemann.

El Cerrao

Antonio Santos illustrated the label for El Cerrao, a new wine of "Beber entre Líneas" (Drinking between lines) for Solar de Samaniego.

The hunt of the snark

Ana Pez illustrated the story The hunt of the snark (Santillana).
June 2016


Laura Perez has illustrated the Expérience Livre de L'élève for Oxford University Press on textbook for ESO.

Cecilia Moreno's calendar

Cecilia Moreno has created a calendar full of good wishes. The third, flow.

El gran apagón

David de las Heras illustrated each episode of
El gran apagón (The Great Blackout), fiction program for Podium Podcast, the platform created by Prisa Radio.

Natur & Kultur

Maria Simavilla aids to effective learning of Spanish in the publications of Natur & Kultur.

Solar de Samaniego

Iban Barrenetxea customizes the covers of magazines that Solar de Samaniego sends monthly to its subscribers with news of its literary wines.


These are some of the latest contributions from Alex Herrerías with the Mexican edition of Glamour magazine.

11 vidas en 11 maletas

Cinta Arribas illustrated the story of Karim, Syrian refugee. Her illustration is part of the exhibition
11 vidas en 11 maletas (11 lives in 11 suitcases), organized by Fundación Abogacía Española at CentroCentro Cibeles in Madrid.

Milan Lukic

Noemí Villamuza painted Milan Lukic in the special report published by
El País Semanal, written by Santiago O'Donnell. Jailed for war crimes in Bosnia, he says he has done nothing and wants to live in Argentina. The other butcher of the Balkans presented himself as a victim of an international conspiracy.

Tierra Adentro

Juan Palomino illustrated the cover of the latest issue of the magazine Tierra Adentro.

El viaje de Don Quijote

As Azorín did in the early twentieth century, the writer Julio Llamazares recreates one of the great journeys of fiction: Don Quixote by the Spanish geography. He is accompanied with the illustrations of Jesús Cisneros.

Laura Perez, selected on 3x3 Magazine

The Laura Perez's cover on De muerte, collective graphic novel published by Ediciones GP in June, has been selected in the international awards 3x3 Magazine of Contemporary Illustration. Congratulations!

El secreto de Enola

The Ala Delta Award 2016 (Edelvives), El secreto de Enola, by Daniel Hernández Chambers, the images of David de las Heras wrap the text to transport us to a coastal village in England in 1989.

Illustrated Jam Session

La música inundará la sala. En la gran pantalla, al ritmo de las notas, los trazos bailarán, compondrán escenas y contarán historias. Los acordes con mucho swing de The Lizard Pants Band inspirarán los lápices de Raúl Allén en la jam session ilustrada que Ilumina Castilla y León, iniciativa de fomento del libro y la lectura de la Consejería de Cultura y Turismo, pondrá en escena en la Sala Principal del Teatro Zorrilla el domingo 12 de junio, a las 21.45 horas, dentro del marco de la Feria del Libro de Valladolid.

American Airlines

Laura Perez illustrated the article 'Finding Om in Ojai', by Jacquelyne Froeber, on the magazine American Way for American Airlines.
May 2016

Mental health and pedophilia

Cinta Arribas illustrated the article
Aceptemos al pedófilo para que no abuse de niños (Let us accept the pedophile to not abuse children), by Teguayco Pinto, on El Español.

#NiñezRefugiada with ACNUR

Flavia Zorrilla Drago has participated in the
#NiñezRefugiada UNHCR's digital campaign. The UN agency explains the reasons why children and adolescents are forced to flee the violence in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.

Maite Gurrutxaga visits Rome

Maite Gurrutxaga will present at the library Giufa (Rome), on Tuesday May 24 at 18.30, the comic Habiak (which can be purchased at the store) and the book Alderik alde, soon to be published in digital format by Libe edizione. 

The governor and the butterfly

Ana Pez illustrated the story The governor and the butterfly (Santillana).

A new life

The group Sammy Jankis presents album, A new life, and cover illustrated by Raúl Allén.

Ilumina 2016

Elena Odriozola illustrated the official poster for
Ilumina Castiila y León 2016, meetings about illustrations in the book fairs organized by Junta de Castilla y León.


The magazine
0034 Código Expat gives the keys to the Spanish who live in UK if the vote in favor of its departure from the European Union (Brexit) wins in the referendum next June 23. The illustration by Cinta Arribas speaks for itself.

Welcome, Maite Gurrutxaga!

Maite studied Fine Arts in Bilbo and Barcelona. She rediscovered the world of illustration while she was studying Fine Arts, and she realized that she could mix her lifelong passion, drawing, with her other great love, reading, and transfer ideas, concepts and sensations onto paper. Therefore, after graduating she studied illustration at the Escola de la Dona in Barcelona.

Tierra Adentro

Juan Palomino illustrated the story Menos cosas, by Adam Marix, for the magazine Tierra Adentro.

Attention gros secret!

The French edition of 
Attention gros secret!, with text by Ilan Brenman and illustrations by Anuska Allepuz, hits bookstores with p'titGlénat.

Ciutat Vella

Laura Pérez illustrated the streets of Valencia for the campaign Ciutat Vella recupera el carrer (Ciutat Vella recovers the street) promoted by Sustainable Mobility.
April 2016

La escritura y la muerte

Jesús Cisneros illustrated
La escritura y la muerte (Writing and death), article by José Blasco del Álamo, on El Español.

Nationalism in the mirror

Jesús Cisneros illustrated
El nacionalismo ante el espejo (Nationalism in the mirror), article by Nacho Martín Blanco, in El Español.

Boolino Awards

The second edition of the
Boolino Awards for children's fiction and illustrated album, in which we collaborate for first time, comes this year with a new category, juvenile fiction and two special categories, best literary and book best personalized blog.


Alex Herrerias collaborated on the project Histórias de Ajudaris, pioneering and innovative initiative to encourage reading, writing, art and, incidentally, help the needy.

Campos de la vergüenza

Cinta Arribas illustrated
Campos de la vergüenza, article by Guy Verhofstadt and Maite Pagazaurtundúa, in El Español.


The brewer brand
Cruzcampo pays tribute to Seville, the Feria de Abril and its citizens with the campaign 'Sin ti no hay feria' (Without you there is no fair), developed by Publips Serviceplan with illustrations by Jesús Aguado.

Peruvian Policy

Cinta Arribas illustrated
Peruvian policy or Peru in key K, article by Carmen Beatriz Fernandez, in El Español.

De muerte

Laura Perez illustrated the cover for the collective album De muerte.
GP Editions will publish it in June. She also signs the vignettes of Todos los jueves (Every Thursday), written by Luis Ponce.

Tomás Hijo, awarded by The Tolkien Society

The Tolkien Society announced its 2016 awards in its traditional annual dinner in York. In the artwork category the winner was Tomás Hijo with his spectacular linocut print The Prancing Pony.

Juan Palomino won the 8th International Prize for Illustration in Bologna

Juan Palomino (Mexico, 1984) won the 8th International Prize for Illustration Children's Book Fair – Fundación SM 2016 in Bologna.

La Peste

The cover of the latest issue of the magazine
La Peste, Plantae (dedicated to botany), is illustrated by Flavia Zorrilla Drago.

La Peste

The cover of the latest issue of the magazine
La Peste, Plantae (dedicated to botany), is illustrated by Flavia Zorrila Drago.
March 2016

El desorden que dejas

XX Spring Prize of Espasa takes cover by David de las Heras. El desorden que dejas, by Carlos Montero, is an intense psychological thriller narrated in first person by Rachel, a young professor of literature.

Mi cara

Welcome to Miau Cartón! The new collection of
Ediciones Jaguar aimed at the smallest of the house! With it they learn to discover the colors, images, touch ... Margarita del Mazo tells and sings popular stories illustrated by Cecilia Moreno.

5 Patitos

Welcome to Miau Cartón! The new collection of Ediciones Jaguar aimed at the smallest of the house! With it they learn to discover the colors, images, touch... Margarita del Mazo tells and sings popular stories illustrated by Cecilia Moreno.

Nombres en un buzón

Nine stories by Roberto Lumbreras, with cover illutsrated by Germán Gómez Arranz in
Difácil, on issues and capital conflict: the importance of chance and other people's decisions, imposture, hidden homosexuality, adolescence, social hypocrisy, money, sex and love.

El Sur es mi Norte

Pati Aguilera exposes, in PLOP! Gallery, a selection of recent works in which she travels to landscapes, meals and characters of southern Chile.

Quincena Musical

Elena Odriozola signs the poster of the 77th edition of the Quincena Musical of Donostia / San Sebastián. She takes over from Eduardo Chillida, Ivan Zulueta, Vicente Ameztoy, José Luis Zumeta, Cristina Iglesias ...

Rumor de luz

A journey through the cosmogony of several prehispanic cultures illustrated by Juan Palomino.

Booktrailer of 'Mi hermano pequeño invisible'

Libre Albedrío just published this delicious booktrailer of Mi hermano pequeño invisible (My little brother unseen), by Ana Pez.

Welcome, Jazmin Villagrán!

Illustrator , graphic designer , visual arts teacher and mother. She studied graphic design at the Higher Institute of Design (ISDI ) in Havana (Cuba). Nowadays, she is doing what she likes the most, illustrating children's books and teaching small and adolescents.


Visibilizar a las mujeres que dedican su vida a la defensa e implantación de los derechos de TODAS en el mundo es el objetivo de la exposición Aliadas, a cargo de Alianza por la Solidaridad, que cuenta con la participación de Anuska Allepuz y Cinta Arribas entre otros grandes artistas.


David de las Heras illustrated the poster for
Mecal, Barcelona International Short and Animation Film Festival.

El Español

Cinta Arribas illustrated the article
Son los ingresos, idiota, los ingresos, by José I. Conde-Ruiz y Juan Rubio-Ramírez, on El Español.

Exposición 'Ilustradores vallisoletanos'

Jesús Aguado, Raúl Allén, Cinta Arribas, Germán Gómez Arranz, Felipe López Salán y Carlos Velázquez are part of the 22 artists selected in the exhibition Ilustradores vallisoletanos. Entre la creación y el oficio (Illustrators from Valladolid. Between creation and the office), organized by Ayuntamiento de Valladolid and curated by Oscar del Amo.


The story written by the storyteller Charo Pita and illustrated by Anuska Allepuz, in which the intimate relationship they have a granddaughter and grandmother tells serves as storyline to surprise the viewer in a 360 ° projection format ends to see the light through the work of Mares Virtuales and the International Centre for Advanced Technologies of Peñaranda de Bracamonte.

Nórdica celebrates its tenth anniversary with Noemí Villamuza

The bookstore
Panta Rhei hosts the exhibition of original arts, sketches and the whole creative process of Noemí Villamuza on El festín de Babette (Babette's Feast), This title opened the collection Illustrated of Nórdica Libros, that celebrates its tenth anniversary.
February 2016

Miguel de Cervantes: Caballero de las desdichas

The priest Pedro Pérez, a friend of Cervantes (in fiction), tells the barber Nicholas the miseries of the author of Don Quixote. Miguel de Cervantes: Caballero de las desdichas (Miguel de Cervantes: Knight of the misfortunes), written by Ignacio Padilla and illustrated by Juan Palomino in SM Mexico.


The most intimate and powerfu novell of one of the best storytellers of the present Spanish literature, Miqui Otero. A complex reality with a bright look. Kaleidoscopic, subtle and, above all, live like the cover illustrated by David de las Heras.

Erik Vogler y la chica equivocada

Erik Vogler y la chica equivocada is the bew book of the detective saga created by Beatriz Osés for Edebé with the covers illustrated by Iban Barrenetxea.

Puka, el tractor y las abejas

It didn't seem it would be an especially exciting day for the dog Puka. It was wrong, as evidenced Jokin Mitxelena in Puka, el tractor y las abejas (Puca, the tractor and bee), published with Elkarlanean.

The last dance

Cinta Arribas honoured David Bowie in a group exhibition.

Network Security for kids

Nothing like learning from the mistakes of others even thanks to a clumsy character like who stars in the audiovisual campaign we created for the Ministry of Interior. The videos will be screened in cinemas, on TV Canal Metro Madrid and through Facebook and Google.

La Matatena

Bringing quality films to young viewers is the objective of the International Children's Film Festival (... and not so young) organized by
La Matatena. Valeria Gallo signed the poster for its 21st edition, from 9 to 14 August 2016, in Mexico City, Merida, Michoacan and Tijuana.

Workshop with Tomás Hijo in Type On

Stamping, guerrilla illustration is applied to the workshop with Tomas Hijo in Type On. 

American way

Laura Pérez illustrated the article Volar y comer for American Way. February issue 2016.

Artist on Film

David de las Heras participated at the exhibition Artist on Film, organized by Pilñata Productions in Caceres.

Angry Spain

Cinta Arribas illustrated the article
España, enfadada (Angry Spain), by Luis Sánchez-Merlo, on El Español.

Welcome, Estelí Meza!

Esteli Meza (México, 1980) won the XVIII International Book Award Illustrated Children and Youth in 2013 for her book FILIJ Anguish. She won an honorable mention in the catalog of Illustrators of Children and Youth Publications in 2012.

Lagartija sin cola

Azucena the lizard lost its tail of a broom! It feels incomplete and ugly. Graciela Bialet (text) and Alex Herrerías (pictures) tell it in this story published by Pearson.
January 2016

Reina Palta

Reina Palta, published by Grafito Ediciones, is a compilation of more than forty recipes and healthy tips by the chef Antonia Cafati and the illustrator Pati Aguilera.

Juan Palomino y Sol Undurraga, selected at Bolonia

We love to share news like this. The
International Fair of Children's Book of Bologna (Italy) has selected to Juan Palomino and Sol Undurraga at its prestigious illustrators exhibition.

Fundación Cuatrogatos Award

Letras al carbón (
Editorial Juventud), written by Irene Vasco and illustrated by Juan Palomino, has been selected among the 20 winners books of 2016 by Cuatrogatos Foundation. Also they recommend Hermanos, by Pati and Claudio Aguilera, and Brujarella, by Iban Barrenetxea.

Dream of a summer night

Dream of a summer night is the theme chosen by Flavia Zorrilla Drago to commemorate the second anniversary of the blog Linternas y bosques (Llanterns and forests), specializing in criticism of children's literature.

Criatures Monstruoses

Iban Barrenetxea illustrated this cover for Tàndem Edicions about the most popular monsters at literature and movies.

Tão eu, Tão você

Ana Pez is illustrating the collection Pedaços de Vida (pieces of life), published by
Edelbra, where Fabricio Carpinejar writes a chronicle of memories with his children.

Families rights

Noemí Villamuza illustrated the families rights, the guide published in Spain by Plena Inclusión NGO "to make known to society, to associations and even our own families that the families of people with intellectual or developmental disabilities also have rights".

Illustrated dreams

Flavia Zorrilla Drago participates at the calendar Illustrated Dreams. February picks Everything I dreamed and October is dedicated to When I dreamed I was a mermaid.


Anuska Allepuz Illustrated the Literature course (1º ESO) for SM.

Mi pequeño hermano invisible

Mi hermano pequeño invisible (My little invisible brother), by Ana Pez, has been published in Spain by
Libre Albedrío. It is a special book, designed to be enjoyed in physical and direct. This book, selected among 1,250 titles from 42 countries, won a special mention in the category Opera Prima of BolognaRagazzi Awards 2015.

Cecilia Moreno's calendar

Cecilia Moreno has created a calendar full of good wishes. The first, "being in good company".
December 2015

El hombre que nunca reía

Delirious story about the absence of the laugh, illustrated by Alex Herrerías, in El hombre que nunca reía (The man who never laughed) published by Alfaguara.

Ilustrarte 2016

Jesus Cisneros has received a special mention at the International Biennial Ilustrarte 2016. Cecilia Moreno, Ana Pez and Sol Undurraga also have been selected between 1,700 artists from 72 countries. Congratulations!

Atlas de la España imaginaria

Julio Llamazares (text) and David de las Heras (illustration) guide us through their
Atlas de la España imaginaria, in Nórdica Libros, through a fantastic journey through places such as Babia, Jauja or Insula Barataria, all real and legendary.

Chencho y la bombilla mágica

Did you ask where Christmas was? The answer is given by
El Corte Inglés in Chencho y la bombilla mágica (Chencho and the magic bulb), the story of its Christmas campaign, based on an idea of *S, C, P, F... with the artistic direction of Erretres, whose story has been written by Ángel Domingo and illustrated by María Simavilla.

Vanity Fair

Laura Perez illustrated the bazar Vanindades for Vanity Fair on December.
November 2015

O Meu Irmão Invisível

Orfeu Negro just published in Portuguese O Meu Irmão Invisível, by Ana Pez. This title had a special mention at the Bologna Children's Book Fair with the French edition of L'Agrume.

Portafolio Espresso

Ya conocemos a los ilustradores seleccionados en Portafolio Espresso en la FIL de Guadalajara. Compartiendo una taza de café, ofreceremos a los ilustradores seleccionados una revisión personalizada de sus portafolios. Auditaremos tanto sus puntos fuertes como aquellos que han de mejorar para una promoción más eficaz.

Más allá de FILustra

Los ilustradores tienen un protagonismo destacado en esta edición de la FIL Guadalajara. Además de participar en el programa de FILustra, destacamos algunas actividades que no os podéis perder.

Vanity Fair

New Map of Laura Perez at Vanity Fair. This month, some of the most important wineries in Spain.

Don Quixote

Iban Barrenetxea illustrated, on Alfaguara Classics, the classic book of Spanish literature adapted for young readers.

Shakespeare's stories

Jesús Cisneros illustrated Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet and A Midsummer Night's Dream in Cuentos de Shakespeare, published by Ediciones Castillo.


The rock group Elefantes published its long-awaited new album (Warner Music), Nueve canciones de amor y una esperanza, with illustrations by David de las Heras.

Laura Pérez wins Valencia Crea 2015

Laura Perez won Valencia Crea 2015, in the form of comics, with Empatía (Empathy).

Nórdica Infantil

Elena Odriozola illustrated the logo for the collection of Nordica Libros for younger readers of the library.

El bondadoso rey

Valeria Gallo illustrated El bondadoso rey (Fondo de Cultura Económica), written by Toño Malpica.

Central Park

Jesús Cisneros has self-published a limited edition of his drawing book Central Park. All copies have different covers. We'd love to gather the entire collection. A delight.


Instrumental. Memories of music, medicine and madness (
Blackie Books), with cover illustrated by David de las Heras, talks of music as the lifeline of the author: James Rhodes.
October 2015

La Vanguardia

Antonio Santos drew different writers for Jesús Marchamalo's articles on La Vanguardia newspaper: Joyce, Yourcenar, Nabokof, Pessoa, Woolf, Fitzgerald, Blixen...

Trick or book!

Trick or book! Nórdica Libros publishes a special case for Halloween illustrated by Noemí Villamuza.


Refugio (Refuge) is the exhibition of David de las Heras in the Valencian gallery Pepita Lumiere. The exhibition includes several works painted in recent years by the artist.

Le immagini della fantasia

Pati Aguilera, with her cookbook Para chuparse los dedos, and Juan Palomino, with Cuentos populares mexicanos, are part of the 30 illustrators selected for Panorama 2015 of 'Le immagini della fantasia' (Sarmede, Italy).

Jaguar at IBBY Honour List

Jaguar, corazón de la montaña (Jaguar, heart of the mountain), published by Tecolote / Conaculta, has been included in the IBBY Honour List by Juan Palomino's illustrations. The book, written by Ana Paula Ojeda, brings us to the myths about animals in Mesoamerica and its symbolic value.

Welcome, Flavia Zorrilla!

Flavia Zorrilla Drago was born in Mexico City (1985) where she studied Graphical Design (Universidad la Salle de Mexico), afterwards she studied and specialized in illustration at the Escola Massana Centre d'Art i Disseny (Barcelona, Spain) and in L'École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (Paris, France).

Flavia considers herself a very versatile illustrator given the fact that since 2007 she has been developing creative projects in different Design areas such as: Apps, audiovisuals, character design, concept art, publicity, fashion (textile design), packaging, branding, covers and editorial projects. Specializing herself overall in children's illustration.

Besides being an illustrator, Flavia likes to make playlists, playing soccer, cooking and watching films (specially terror and animated films).


Ana Pez participates these days in the Book Festival from Mouans-Sartoux, invited by the publisher L'Agrume, with children's workshops. She illustrated the poster.
September 2015


Colossal challenge for Jokin Mitxelena. He illustrated an edition of the Bible for young with Verbo Divino.


Gianluca Folì illustrated the article about the scientific prejudice written by Daniela Minerva in L'Espresso.


Laura Pérez's illustrations for Walmart.

Welcome, Cinta Arribas!

Born in Valladolid, she studied Fine Arts at Salamanca from 2003 to 2008, and completed her education in Kassel (Germany). Now she lives in Madrid, where she works as a freelance illustrator.

Un detective al revés

We present the most astute researcher who live in
Un detective al revés (El barco de vapor, SM), by Ángel Fernandez de Cano (text) and Jacobo Muñiz (illustrations).


Carlos Velázquez illustrated Science textbooks for Edelvives.


Months of desperate waiting. The phone rings, a cancellation!!! Run! Ana Pez illustrated the article 'Last Minute', on the eternal waiting lists at the trendiest restaurants, in the magazine Tapas. Bon Appetite!

Portfolio Espresso

Critical review of portfolios at FIL Guadalajara.

Vanity Fair

Laura Perez illustrated the interview with Pablo Álvarez, CEO of the mythical Vega Sicilia winery, in September issue of Vanity Fair.

The New York Times Book Reviews

Raúl Allén illustrated the article about the latest novel by Jonathan Franzen, Purity, in The New York Times Book Reviews.

FILustra: Construyo mi trayectoria

Cada dos años tenemos una cita con FILustra, Foro Internacional de la Ilustración que organizamos conjuntamente la FIL de Guadalajara (México) y Pencil. Chen Chih Yuan, Rebecca Dautramer, Iban Berrentxea, Paloma Valdivia, Catarina Sobral, Jesús Cisneros, Ana Pez, Harriet Lee-Merrion, Andrea Petrlik, Ed Vere, Valeria Gallo y Andrés Sandoval son algunos de los artistas protagonistas de esta edición (29 y 30 de noviembre).

Elena Odriozola, BIB Golden Apple

Elena Odriozola won on BIB Golden Apple 2015 with her Frankenstein published with Nórdica Libros. Congratulations!

Viajar ilustrando

Comienzos de septiembre. Regreso de muchos lugares físicos y mentales... No necesariamente para todos. Ahora que gran parte acaba de aparcar al cuñado, la sombrilla y los últimos granos de arena playera, Laura Pérez piensa en su próximo destino.
August 2015


María Simavilla gives rhythm and color to SM's texbooks for Music in Primary.


Tomás Hijo illustrates these readings for SM.

Las princesas danzarinas

Cecilia Moreno illustrated Las princesas danzarinas and other stories for Santillana.

Red Bull

Gianluca Foli is full of energy in this partnership for a spot of Red Bull.


Álex Herrerías was selected in the first international competition and exhibition of Hispanic artists for children organized by HIChAE (Hispanic International Childrens Art Exhibition).


Anuska Allepuz illustrated the textbook of readings for 4th Primary Education of Vicens Vives.

Invitemos a leer

Juan Palomino has obtained the first place, for his creativity, in the XXVII Concurso Nacional de Cartel 'Invitemos a leer' organized by Conaculta from Mexico.Congratulations!

Una carta desde Potsdam

Elena Odriozola illustrated
Una carta desde Potsdam, written by the screenwriter Virginia Yagüe, for El País.


Laura Pérez collaborated with the Valencian fanzine Horchata.

Invitemos a leer

Alex Herrerias, with his poster, has been selected in the XXVII National Competition 'Invitemos a leer' from Mexico.

Mala sangre

The cult classic film by Leos Carax returns to the spanish cinemas with the poster illustrated by David de las Heras.

El share y la separata

Raúl Allén illustrated
El share y la separata, written by the screenwriter Eduardo Ladrón de Guevara, for El País. 
July 2015

Vanity Fair

Iban Barrenetxea guides us through gastronomic routes (and cocktails) in Amsterdam with the last issue of Vanity Fair (July).

El verano de los camaleones

David de las Heras illustrated El verano de los camaleones, written by the screenwriter Monica Martin-Grande, for El País. It's the story of a family summer trip to its village.

O home que sabía voar

A fantastic story written by Xabier López López with illustrations of Jacobo Muñiz for Tambre-Edelvives.

Elena Odriozola, National Award

Elena Odriozola has been awarded with the Illustration National Award 2015 from Spain for "her ability to renew itself and following a consistent line and the narrative potential of his work." Congratulations!
June 2015

Welcome, Sol Undurraga!

Sol Undurraga is an Illustrator and a self-retired architect. Four years ago, she started devoting all her time to Illustration. 

Columbia Journalism Review

What’s the right way to ask whether someone is gay? Raúl Allén illustrated this article for Columbia Journalism Review

Little chickpea

Anuska Allepuz illustrated Little chickpea and other stories for Santillana.


Let's play with Correos! We'll be
Tyrannosaurus Postman in this dinojuego that we have developed with the artwork of Cecilia Moreno.


Poster by Giulia Sagramola for Orlando Filme Festival (Bergamo, Italy)

El enigma de La Goupil

Juan Palomino illustrated El enigma de La Goupil, written by Jean Claude Mourlevat and published with Castillo.

La verdadera historia de la muerte de Francisco Franco

Antonio Santos illustrated for
Cuadernos del Vigía this sarcastic story by Max Aub about the dark time lived in Spain with Franco.

Vegetarian recipes

What is cooking Pati Aguilera? Vegetarian recipes illustrated with Antonia Cafati. Especially recommended for those who think that healthy food is not tasty.


Giulia Sagramola illustrated this monograph horoscope for the Italian magazine Nurant # 19, dedicated to hats and hairstyles.


Secretos, with text by Ilan Brenman and illustrations by Anuska Allepuz, is now in Spanish published by Ediciones Castillo.

El anillo encantado

The circle of life in
El anillo encantado (The enchanted ring), written by María Teresa Andruetto and illustrated by Jesús Cisneros for Castillo.


Cecilia Moreno draws a nice map of the Iberian Peninsula where Correos helps us to locate the major fossil sites, museums and parks dedicated to dinosaurs.


Juan Palomino illustrated the cover of Caminar (
Nórdica Libros) with texts by William Hazlitt and Robert Louis Stevenson.


Raúl Allén illustrated new covers for Valiant Comics.

Peter Schmidt

Laura Pérez illustrated for the german magazine Peter Schmidt the article about couples.

Ratón de campo

Cecilia Moreno illustrated Ratón de campo and other stories for Santillana.

The Prancing Pony

Wow! Amazing poster about 'The Prancing Pony' illustrated by Tomás Hijo for Tolkien's fans.

Sabedoria do Califa

Sabedoria do Califa (Editora Ática), Ilan Brenman (text) and Iban Barrenetxea (artwork), recovers a tale of Arab oral tradition.

Segredos de um violino

The Brazilian section of IBBY, Fundação Nacional Do Livro Infantil E Juvenil, has selected Segredos de um violino (Edelbra), written by Fabrício Carpinejar and illustrated by Ana Pez, on the recommendation of its prizes.
May 2015

El entierro de Genarín

Alfaguara published El entierro de Genarín, written by Julio Llamazares and illustrated by Antonio Santos for a new edition.

Cuentos populares mexicanos

Anthology of 125 stories from Sonora to Chiapas. Juan Palomino participates in this laborious compilation of Fabio Morábito for Fondo de Cultura Economica.

Vanity Fair

Laura Pérez illustrated this pretty map for Vanity Fair Spain.


The two main versions of
Cinderella illustrated by Elena Odriozola for Nórdica Libros.

El País Semanal

Ana Pez illustrates this article about driving for the magazine El País Semanal.

Sedúceme, por favor

¿Cómo enganchar en una cita o un evento de networking? Lo trabajaremos en el taller que daremos con la Asociación Profesional de Ilustradores de Euskadi el viernes 29 de mayo en Bilbao.

David de las Heras wins the Junceda Award

David de las Heras won the Junceda Award with the cover for Kalimán en Jericó (Editorial Bambú). Congratulations!


Anuska Allepuz illustrated Abdel (SM), written by Enrique Páez, the life of a young tuareg who travels to Spain.

Un dinosaurio en tu buzón

We have collaborated with
Correos from Spain in the development of various materials related to the launch of a colossal set with dinosaurs as protagonists as Un dinosaurio en tu buzón, book written by Ángel Domingo and illustrated by Carlos Velázquez.

Ilumina 2015

Ana Pez illustrates the official poster for
Ilumina Castiila y León 2015, meetings about illustrations in the book fairs organized by Junta de Castilla y León.

Spring Party

We'll talk with Ángel Domingo about Personal Branding in Spring Party organized by APIM.

Salamanca Book Fair

Tomás Hijo illustrated the poster for the Salamanca Book Fair.
April 2015

In Transition

David de las Heras illustrated the poster for In Transition, theater Project by The Hermit Hut Collective.

New Statesman

David de las Heras illustrated, for the british magazine New Statesman, the article "Creation Myths. Revelations from a life of storytelling" by Alan Garner.

Aquí Lorca se adivina

The Book Day is an excellent opportunity for the presentation of Aquí Lorca se adivina, published by Patronato Cultural Federico García Lorca of Diputación de Granada. The book contains thirty-eight riddles invented by Manuel M. Mateo and illustrated by Jacobo Muñiz.

Había otra vez

Niños CONARTE invites us to the exhibition based on the collection of albums Había otra vez, integrated with works of renowned Latin American poets and featured contemporary illustrators. Among them Antonio Santos, Jesús Cisneros and Elena Odrizola.

Libros a la calle

Violeta Lópiz and Raúl Allén participate in 'Libros a la calle' campaign, promoted by Publishers Association from Madrid in the public transport.

Behance Reviews #Salamanca

Sandra López and Ángel Domingo will review portfolios with Mª Jesús Díez (Coordinator at DA2) and Odón García (Verdelima Creativos).

Vanity Fair

Laura Pérez illustrates the ilufe in Sevilla during April for Vanity Fair.

Illustrated poetry

Illustrated Poetry hosts two workshops of Elena Odriozola and Adolfo Serra in the Public Library of Valladolid. 
March 2015

Onde está a bruxa?

Evelyn Daviddi illustrated Onde está a bruxa?, written by Ilan Brenman, for Editora Scipione's collection called Cubo Mágico.


Raúl Allén illustrated in Time magazine the article about the businessman Bill Browder and his business ventures in Russia.

Ur: libro de lluvia

Imagine with Ur: libro de lluvia (Cenlit/Denonartean) illustrated by Elena Odriozola and written by Juan Kruz Igerabide.
February 2015

Covers for Castillo

Gogol, Valle-Inclán, Ovidio... Juan Palomino illustrates covers of classic books for Castillo.

¡Nata y Chocolate invencibles!

Anuska Allepuz illustrates ¡Nata y Chocolate invencibles!, new book by Alicia Borrás in the collection Sopa de Letras (Anaya).

Ana Pez, special mention in Bologna

Ana Pez has won a special mention, in the category Opera Prima of
BolognaRagazzi Awards 2015, for Mon Petit Frère Invisible (My little invisible brother), published in France by L'Agrume. Her book has been selected among 1,250 titles from 42 countries.

De ovejas y príncipes en un tren

A theatrical journey illustrated by Alex Herrerías.

Confesiones de una heredera con demasiado tiempo libre

Confesiones de una heredera con demasiado tiempo libre (
Espasa), with cover illustrated by Gianluca Folì, takes us back to the England of Jane Austen.
January 2015

Selected for Bologna!

Ana Pez, Adolfo Serra and Violeta Lópiz -for a project with Valerio Vidali- are part of the 75 selected, among more than 3,500 candidates, in the exhibition of the Bologna Children's Book Fair’ 2015.

Circuito de Ilustración de Valencia

El Circuito de Ilustración de Valencia es uno de los eventos más frescos del sector. Allí estaremos, durante el mes de febrero, dando un taller y una charla. Además, varios ilustradores participan en las exposiciones. ¡Os esperamos!

The Wall Street Journal

A New Savings Plan for the Disabled', new article illustrated by Laura Pérez for The Wall Street Journal.

Los primates

Discover the amazing world of primates with realistic illustrations by Carlos Velázquez and Fernando Bort's text. Published by SM.


These are some of the latest contributions from Alex Herrerías with the Mexican edition of Glamour magazine.
December 2014

Workshop in Sevilla

Teníamos muchas ganas de conocer el espacio de
La Galería Roja. ¡No paran! ¿Y qué mejor oportunidad que organizar algo con ellos? Os esperamos en el taller Somos nuestro portafolio el viernes 6 de febrero en Sevilla.

Season's Greetings!

With our best wishes! Thanks, Patty Aguilera, for such a beautiful scene.

Libraries of Catalonia

The libraries of Catalonia and Noemí Villamuza have designed their letter for the Three Kings. 

Heart of mountain

Juan Palomino has published with Ana Paula Ojeda the book Jaguar, corazón de la montaña (Jaguar Heart of the Mountain), for Tecolote and Conaculta. This new title is about the myths of animals in Mesoamerica.

ABC Cultural

Adolfo Serra seeks happiness in the cover of ABC Cultural. And he confesses that is closer than we think on many occasions.


Ana Pez illustrates the cover of
Babelia, for El País, with an article about children's books written by Virginia Collera.

Odriozola, Junceda award

Elena Odriozola has won a
Junceda Award for her Frankenstein for Nórdica Libros. The jury highlights her "unique graphical approach that creates an evocative atmosphere". Congratulations!

Contortionists and monsters in Avila

Great plan for December in the Public Library from Avila. Workshops for children with Cecilia Moreno and María Simavilla.

Solidary exhibition

Laura Perez participates in the exhibition organized by the Falla San Vicente-Amparo commission and the Aida Books & More NGO in Valencia.

El niño que llegó con la niebla

Anuska Allepuz and Paloma Sánchez Ibarzábal introduce
El niño que llegó con la niebla (The child who came with mist), published by Everest. This story was finalist in the Children's Prize Leer es Vivir 2013.
November 2014

Mon petit frère invisible

Mon petit frère invisible (My little invisible brother), by Ana Pez for
l'Agrume, is a special book. It is designed to be enjoyed in physical and direct.

Vanity Fair

And Ava Gardner won Madrid. Laura Perez, in the December issue of Vanity Fair, is mapping the places where the legendary actress left her mark on her routes through the capital.


Hermanos (Brothers), published by
Quilombo Ediciones, a very personal book. Pati Aguilera illustrates the text written by Claudio Aguilera.

Westjet's In-flight Magazine

Thanks for the memories, new article illustrated by Laura Pérez for Westjet's In-flight Magazine.

The Wall Street Journal

Raúl Allén illustrates the article Fund traders dig deep for bonds for The Wall Street Journal.

Social Sciences

Great perspectives of cities of different periods illustrated by Felipe López Salán for Social Sciences textbook in Primary Education published by Edebé.


Anuska Allepuz is enlightening the footsteps of the students of Spanish in Sweden through books such as Caminando (Walking), published by Natur & Kultur.

Gold medal for Folì

Gianluca Folì has won the gold medal awarded by the Society of Illustrators of New York, in the category of books, for his cover of La vita prodigiosa di Isidoro Sifflotin published by Feltrinelli.

Mention for Valeria Gallo

Bostezo (Yawn), by Teresa Jimena Solinís (text) and Valeria Gallo (illustrations), have been recognized with an honorable mention in the XVIII Concurso de Álbum Ilustrado A la Orilla del Viento of Fondo de Cultura Económica.
October 2014

Learn with rhythm

María Simavilla is full of rhythm. We check it at the music books illustrated for SM.

Little Red Riding Hood, CANIEM award

Excited! Little Red Riding Hood, by Adolfo Serra and published by
Fondo de Cultura Economica, won the award of the National Chamber of the Mexican Publishing Industry Editorial Art 2014 (CANIEM) in the category of Picture Books. Congratulations, Adolfo!

Workshops in Valladolid

The Public Library of Valladolid organizes in November workshops of illustration with authors from Castilla and León. Tomás Hijo illustrates the image of a powerful programming with Noemí Villamuza (masterclass for adult audiences) and children's workshops with Jesús Aguado, Monica Carretero and María Simavilla.

Noemí Villamuza in Colombia

Noemí Villamuza participates in the 8th Festival of Books for Children and Youth of Bogota, invited by the Colombian Book Chamber.

El club de los bichos

Laura Pérez illustrates
El club de los bichos (Anaya), written by Laida Martínez Navarro. This novel has won the V Award for Children's Literature Málaga City 2014.

The book of life

Tomás Hijo participates in the exhibition of The book of life, the animated film by Guillermo del Toro, in the prestigious Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra (California, USA).

Report about workshop in Honduras

From 22th to 26th September, Sandra López and Ángel Domingo gave a course about professionalization for illustrators Los trazos de la ilustración. Claves y herramientas, organized by the AECID, at the Cultural Center of Spain in Tegucigalpa.

El jefe de la manada

Gianluca Folì illustrates the cover of
El jefe de la manada, written by Inés Garland, for Three Ages 250 collection published by Siruela.
September 2014

ABC Cultural

A summer reading is proposed by Adolfo Serra from the cover of ABC Cultural. The neighbor fall is not bad time to enjoy a book.

The summer in El País

Eduardo Estrada illustrated the summer news for El País newspaper.

Welcome, David de las Heras!


San João da Madeira

Cecilia Moreno has been selected for VII Encontro Internacional de Ilustração de San João da Madeira. Congratulations!

Field notebook

Carlos Velázquez illustrates the field notebook that accompanies the textbook Conocimiento del Medio for 3rd grade of Primary Education (Edelvives).

Workshops at Museo ABC

Nueva edición de Un estudio con vistas, ciclo de talleres de profesionalización para ilustradores que organizamos con Museo ABC. Abordaremos la elaboración del portafolio (impreso y digital), las técnicas de presentación eficaz para reuniones con editores o entrevistas y las claves para trabajar el libro de texo.
August 2014

Teo y Luna

We'll lose the fear of the night with Teo y Luna (Theo and Moon), published by
Bambú, in this tale written by Carmen Gil and illustrated by Jacobo Muñiz.

Welcome, Álex Herrerías!

The world lost a great architect and won a fantastic illustrator. Alex Herrerías (Mexico, 1981) decided to design their buildings in books, animations and posters. Unique characters born of a restless creator, who “to this date can say with complete assurance that he is a happy illustrator”. We expect to increase it at this stage together. Welcome to your home, Alex!

Social Sciences

We found a myriad of situations in the illustrations drawn by Felipe Lopez Salán for the book of Social Sciences (3rd grade) published by Ediciones SM.


Giulia Sagramola loves dogs, so you can imagine her happiness when Barkers commissioned her the image of its store...
July 2014

Welcome, Tomás Hijo!

Álbumes, narrativa adulta e infantil, cómic, storyboards, interactivos, exposiciones, obra original en algún que otro museo... Tomás Hijo es ilustrador, escritor, editor, profesor, cineasta en su primera juventud (aunque se haya asegurado de no dejar rastro en Youtube)... Conversamos -con buenas dosis de retranca castellana- con este creador inquieto sobre sus mil facetas, algunas no muy conocidas para muchos... Como decimos siempre, Tomás, gracias por confiar en nosotros y bienvenido a tu casa.


The book Sonno Gigante, Sonno Piccino (Topipittori), illustrated by Giulia Sagramola, has been selected for the Merit prize in the magazine 3x3 Picture Book Show. Congratulations!

Ghost wanted

We encourage you to enjoy a fun scary with
Ghost wanted -written by Anna Panisello & Estrella Ramón and illustrated by Jacobo Muñiz-, in the collection edited by Combel to learn English.

Infieles y adulterados

Antonio Santos and Adolfo Serra are among the fourteen illustrators involved in the adulterous tales written by Juan Jose Millás and published by Nórdica Libros.

Welcome, Cecilia Moreno!

Nos conocimos hace unos años ya, durante los cuales hemos visto a Cecilia crecer creativa y profesionalmente. Siempre con una sonrisa que alumbra hasta los días más nublados. Así pues, extraña poco que le gusten la sencillez y los colores que transmiten alegría y serenidad como los tierras, pasteles, grises y el blanco...
June 2014

Welcome, Pati Aguilera!

Nos moríamos por anunciar la llegada de Pati Aguilera, una de las ilustradoras más refrescantes del momento. Siendo niña se encandiló con los colores y formas de la naturaleza en el lluvioso sur de Chile... pero, mejor, que nos cuente ella misma.

Brazil national team

Days of World Cup... And the literary supplement ABC Cultural remembers to the other Brazil national team... its writers... Adolfo Serra illustrates the cover.


Now we can tell it. Ilan Brenman and Anuska Allepuz published Segredos (Secrets) with Moderna in Brazil.

Ilustratzailearen Txokoa

Jokin Mitxelena, Euskadi Prize, presents a selection of his work in Ilustratzailearen Txokoa (18 June to 18 September).

El poder de la música

A voyage of discovery is the proposal of the documentary
El poder de la música. Más allá de Mozart (The Power of Music. Beyond Mozart), produced by Con Moto Cambra. Raul Allén illustrates the promotional poster.


The little story of a hunter and an obedient dog. A short film by Valeria Gallo and Alfonso Ochoa with original music by Elia Inns and Arturo Martinez.

ABC Cultural

Books in Retiro Park. A great annual event in Madrid Book Fair, as reflected by Adolfo Serra on the cover of ABC Cultural.
May 2014

Ice Horoscope

Icons that Giulia Sagramola designed for Vice Horoscope, with the zodiacal signs reinterpreted as ice cream, have been selected by American Illustration 33. Delicious reward for a refreshing job.Congratulations!

La casa de al lado

La casa de al lado, spooky story written by Susanna Isern and illustrated by Adolfo Serra, is part of Batiscafo, the book that Kireei will publish soon.

Professional workshop

Professional tools will be discussed in the
workshop that we will provide with Euskal Irudigileak, the Professional Association of Illustrators of the Basque Country, on 23 May.

AOI Awards

Anuska Allepuz has been selected at the shortlist of the
AOI Illustration Awards, the most comprehensive and highest profile illustration awards based in the UK. We hope she’ll be between the winners.

Sammy Jankis

Raúl Allén was in charge of the design of the CD and all promotional materials for the musical project of Alfonso Gutierrez,
Sammy Jankis. The project brings together a plethora of musicians from Spain in a collection of truthful songs of delicate folk pop.

April 2014

Noemí Villamuza en la Feria del Libro de Valencia

Noemí Villamuza presentará Siempre te querré con Andana Editorial, el 4 de mayo, en la Feria del Libro de Valencia, donde también dará un taller organizado por el Gremio de Libreros y Apiv.

Diálogo Ilustrado 2014

Juan Palomino and Valeria Gallo will talk about illustrated language, ethisc and survival inDiálogo Ilustrado 2014, organized by Asociación Mexicana de Ilustradores and Cámara Nacional de la Industria Editorial Mexicana.

Comic Workshop

Todos juzgamos un cómic por su portada o por lo menos es una de las razones principales que nos hacen abrirlo y engancharnos a la historia.

La scimmia for the Andersen Awards

Quando ero solo una scimmia (Zoolibri), by Gianluca Foli (illustration) and Davide Cali (text), is among the finalists in the picture book category of Andersen Award - il mondo dell'infanzia. The winners will be announced on May.

Mitxelena, among the favorites of the ikastolas

Jokin Mitxelena repeated again among the favorites illustrators for schoolchildren at ikastolas from Euskal Herria. He was elected, at second place, by more than 9,000 voters. Congratulations!
March 2014

Sonno gigante, sonno piccino

Giulia Sagramola and Giusi Quarenghi publish
Sonno gigante, sonno piccino with Topipittori to suggest that the timing of sleep and the game ranging from the invention in pairs, in the twilight time without granting the dreams of every child.


The covers for Valiant‘s Rai #2 have been illustrated by Raúl Allén.

The Wall Street Journal

Laura Pérez illustrates these article for The Wall Street Journal, Sunday Journal: `How I learned to Talk About Money´ and  `How Family Games Taught Our Kids Many Skills´.

Welcome, Juan palomino

Es un honor dar la bienvenida a Juan Palomino (México, 1984), quien manifiesta haber encontrado en la ilustración "un lugar en el que puedo darle salida a mi forma de vivir". Tras estudiar Filosofía, se desvió de la ruta académica para trazar con sus lápices un camino donde ha obtenido reconocimientos tan destacados como el premio del IV Catálogo Iberoamericano en 2013.

La sabiduría de los abuelos

Jacobo Muñiz illustrates La sabiduría de los abuelos with McGraw-Hill USA.
February 2014

Anuska Allepuz in Bologna

Anuska Allepuz's illustrations for
Niña (published by Alfaguara Infantil) will be at Bologna Children's Book Fair. Her work has been selected in the first edition of the Illustrators Exhibition entitled Spotlight on Reading.

Las fortalezas en lectura fácil

Ana Pez illustrates
Las fortalezas en lectura fácil, a technical guide about virtues -like curiosity, honesty and perseverance- published by Feaps Castilla y León for people with problems of understanding.

El dulce de Icaco

Learning Spanish is fun with El dulce de Icaco, a popular story from Colombia adapted by Jesús Aguando (illustrations) and Lada Josefa Kratky (text), for National Geographic Learning.
January 2014


Raúl Allén collaborates with
Valiant Comics. He illustrates the covers for Unity, a company-wide crossover story.

Alice and the Evolution Land

With Alicia en el País de la Evolución (
Critica), illustrated by Gianluca Folì, the paleontologist Jordi Agustí reveals several scientific secrets which Carroll hid in his story.

Caja España

The bank Caja España proposes an illustrated year with its calendar for 2014. Jesús Aguado, María Simavilla, Ana Pez and Carlos Velázquez are involved in this project.


La nueva vida del señor Rutin, written by David Nel·lo, is the winning novel of the XXII EDEBE Award for Children's Literature. The book will be published, illustrated by Laura Pérez, in March.

My first field notebook

Carlos Velázquez is the best guide for Mi primer cuaderno de campo de hábitats de España (
Ediciones SM), written by Fernando Bort. An instructive field notebook about the differents habitats in Spain.

ABC Cultural

Adolfo Serra illustrated these covers for the cultural suplement published by ABC journal.
December 2013

Calendar for Santillana

Ana Pez illustrates the new Santillana's calendar for French students.

De qué tiene forma un corazón

Jacobo Muñiz illustrates this tender book, published by Imaginarium.
November 2013

FILustra 2013

El Foro Internacional de Ilustración (FILustra), organizado por la Feria Internacional del Libro de Guadalajara y Pencil Ilustradores, reúne en su tercera edición, los días 1 y 2 de diciembre de 2013, a algunos de los mejores creadores del planeta con el eje central: “Satélites de la Ilustración: ideas, recursos y oportunidades”.


Gianluca Folì collaborates with the Greenpeace’s campaign #freethearctic30

Llama de amor viva

Llama de amor viva, published by Edelvives in Adarga collection, includes a selection of Spanish poetry and mystical ascetic illuminated by Jesus Cisneros.

Health Council of Canada

Laura Pérez humanizes the analysis published by Health Council of Canada.

Three women

Anuska Allepuz illustrates Three women (
Nórdica Libros), a poem written by Silvia Plath for the BBC.

Ana Pez and INKtober

Ana Pez worked hardly for
INktober. This is a sellection of her favourite illustrations.
October 2013

Elena Odriozola wins the Euskadi Award

Elena Odriozola wins the “Euskadi” Literary Award, illustration category (2013), with  her poetic acrobatics in Tropecista, written by Jorge Gonzalvo and published by Bárbara Fiore Editora.

O Cavalampiro

O Cavalampiro, written by Ilan Brenman and illustrated by Valeria Gallo, for the publisher Martins Fontes (Brazil).

The round house

Raúl Allén illustrates a new cover for Siruela: The round house, written by Louise Erdrich.

Portfolio Espresso

Critical review of portfolios at FIL Guadalajara.


Elena Odriozola opens up new possibilities of visual storytelling with her little theater of paper for Frankenstein, published by Nørdica Libros.

Il respiro del vento

The wind stars at this book illustrated by Jesus Cisneros. The wind as a metaphor for life.
September 2013

The man with 21 fingers

Raúl Allén has illustrated for
Interviu magazine the novel El hombre de los 21 dedos (The man with 21 fingers), written by José Ángel Mañas and Antonio D. Leiva.

Tu suerte en otoño

Adolfo Serra illustrates the zodiacal dossier published by Mia magazine for autumn season.

Workshop with Cisneros at IBBY México

Cada vez hay en las librerías más ejemplos de poesía con ilustraciones. Pero, ¿es posible ilustrar la poesía? Jesús Cisneros dará un taller sobre esta relación en la sede de Ibby México.

Somos nuestro portafolio (Workshop in Mexico)

Los días 6 y 7 de diciembre, en la sede de IBBY México, daremos las claves para armar un portafolio profesional que interese al cliente en un taller muy práctico.

20 years with Feafes

Violeta Lópiz illustrates the campaign of the 20º aniversary of Feafes Castilla y León.

Anthology of readings

Adolfo Serra illustrates the anthology of readings, for text book, with Santillana.


Laura Pérez illustrates the religion course for SM publisher.

Anthology of readings

Anuska Allepuz illustrates this anthology of readings, for text book, with Edelvives.

Maths for Santillana

Mathematics is (even) more entertaining with Felipe Lopez Salán, as he demonstrated in this text book for Santillana.


Raúl Allén illustrates this cover for Billboard.

Talleres en el Museo ABC

Un estudio con vistas es el ciclo de talleres de profesionalización para ilustradores que la agencia organiza con el Museo ABC. Su contenido abarca desde la elaboración del portafolio, convencional y digital, a las técnicas para presentarnos de una manera eficaz en una cita con un editor o una entrevista en prensa.

ABC Cultural

Readers of Mario Vargas Llosa enjoyed this weekend a preview of his next novel, El héroe discreto, in the pages of ABC Cultural. The Adolfo Serra's illustrations accompanied this succulent aperitif.

Spanish Language

María Simavilla collaborates with Algaida for the Spanish Language and Literature text book.
August 2013

Workshop with Valeria Gallo


This is the summer for Ana Pez.

ABC Cultural

Adolfo Serra signed the last two
ABC Cultural's summer covers, dedicated to the other bestsellers and readings for the summer heat.
July 2013

The man with 21 fingers

Raúl Allén is illustrating every week for
Interviu magazine the novel El hombre de los 21 dedos (The man with 21 fingers), written by José Ángel Mañas and Antonio D. Leiva.

Pelayo Insurance

María Simavilla and Raccoon E-learning have designed this nice superhero for Seguros Pelayo, a Spanish insurance company. This cool character is the best sales expert.

El valor de un libro

Noemí Villamuza signs a new poster for Germán Sánchez Ruipérez Foundation, destined to the promotion of reading.


Eduardo Estrada illustrates a John Carlin's article about Nelson Mandela for El País.

Silver Laus

Silver Laus Award for Iban Barrenetxea and Global Image Projects,
Art direction in illustration category, with the labels designed for Verto & Greeno. Congratulations!

Welcome, Giulia Sagramola!

Giulia Sagramola studied Graphic Design and Visual Communication at ISIA in Urbino and Illustration at Escola Massana in Barcelona.
June 2013

Històrias do pai da História

With Històrias do pai da História, published by
Companhia das Letrinhas in Brazil, Ilan Brenman and Anuska Allepuz collect, some of the most interesting and fun passages that Herodotus left us in his chronicles.

El País

New collaborations of Eduardo Estrada for El País newspaper.

City people

Laura Perez published this fun cartoon in
El País Semanal about the behavior of urbanites outside their hábitat.

Eguberria, National Award

Eguberria, published by Nerea, written by Juan Kruz Igerabide and illustrated by Elena Odriozola, has won the National Award in the category Children and Youth Books.

ABC Cultural

Adolfo Serra illustrates this cover for
ABC Cultural newspaper about the opening of the Madrid Book Fair.
May 2013

Le Cool

Gianluca Folì illustrated this cover for Le Cool.

Where the wild things are

Evelyn Daviddi pays tribute to Maurice Sendak, with 50 other illustrators, to mark the 50th anniversary of Where the wild things are.

Mia Magazine

Adolfo Serra illustrates the dossier for the last issue of Mia Magazine.


Patricia Metola, Violeta Lópiz and Noemí Villamuza participate in Stereo-tipas. Exhibition, organized by i con i, that will be until next July 4 in La Casa Encendida (Madrid).


Laura Pérez illustrates a promotion for WellPass, wellness and beauty services in France.
April 2013

Banco del Libro

The books illustrated by Jacobo Muñiz, Iban Barrenetxea, Antonio Santos, Elena Odriozola and Jesús Cisneros have been selected by Banco del Libro (IBBY section from Venezuela).

My first Vila-Matas

Anuska Allepuz illustrates
Niña, a picture book  written by Enrique Vila-Matas for Alfaguara's collection Mi Primer (My first).

Esta familia que ves

Valeria Gallo illustrates Esta familia que ves (Ediciones SM México), written by Alfonso Ochoa, about different types of family.


Raúl Allén illustrates the official poster for Ilumina Castiila y León, meetings about illustrations in the book fairs.
March 2013

White Ravens

Por el color del trigo (The colour of wheat), published by Fondo de Cultura Económica, written by Toño Malpica and illustrated by Iban Barrenetxea, has been selected for the White Ravens 2013 collection.

Érase una aldea sin suerte

Érase una aldea sin suerte, illustrated by Anuska Allepuz, for Edebé publisher.


Antonio Santos illustrates Masa, written by César Vallejo, for Había otra vez, a collection published by  Taller de Comunicación Gráfica, and coordinated by Alejandro García Schnetzer, for Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes de México (CONACULTA).

The Star Rover

Iban Barrenetxea illustrates the cover of
El vagabundo de las estrellas (The Star Rover), the last novel written by Jack London, published by Nórdica Libros.


Poetic acrobatics with Jorge Gonzalvo (text) and Elena Odriozola (illustrations) in Tropecista, published by Bárbara Fiore Editora.

Workshop with Noemí Villamuza

'The sketch as final piece' is the name of the workshop with Noemí Villamuza scheduled in BilbaoArte and Garabat in the next month of May.

Our house in Mexico

Brick by brick, book by book, person to person, the house stood alone. And here we are, opening the door for Pencil · Mexico.
February 2013

Welcome, Ana Pez!

In addition to being an illustrator, she's also graduated in History at the Complutense University of Madrid, teacher of drawing and other lost causes (especially pop up workshops), artists groupie and enthusiastic reader.


Raúl Allén uses to warm up with some sketchs everyday, so why don't take a video of them?
A very nice way to see the process and get one's act together!

La botella del señor Augusto

La botella del señor Augusto (Edebé) the mad illustrations drawn by  Jokin Mitxelena play with the funny text written by Pello Añorga.

Spanish Illustrators

We are excited to walk through the pages of
Ilustradores españoles / Spanish Illustrators (Lunwerg), written by Mario Suarez, and find that the agency represents twenty-one of the hundred artists selected for this catalog.

El País

New collaborations of Eduardo Estrada for El País newspaper.

10,000 fans on Facebook

Wr surpassed the 10,000 fans on
Facebook. Thank you for your friendship! We love this illustration of Laura Pérez.

Les poings sur les iles

Refined video with illustrations of Violeta Lópiz for Les poings sur les iles (Rouergue).

Design biennial

Valeria Gallo illustrates the official poster for Bienal Nacional de Diseño (Design Biennial) from Mexico, organized by the Design School of the National Institute of Fine Arts.

Bombastica eMotion

Amazing the motion of
Bombástica Naturalis, written and illustrated by Iban Barrenetxea, promoted by CJ Foundation from South Korea.
January 2013

Historias de Mix, de Max, y de Mex

Friendship is the main character in Historias de Mix, de Max, y de Mex (
Espasa), in which Luis Sepulveda writes about his special relationship with cats. Noemí Villamuza illustrates the camaraderie  between a cat with greek profile, a mouse and the boy who lives with them.

Like a Rolling

Laura Pérez illustrates the poster of
Como un Rolling (Like a Rolling), documentary film about the importance of a vital and active old age.

Los consejos del pato

McGraw-Hill from USA publishes Los consejos del pato, a funny story illustrated by Felipe Lopez Salán.

El País

New collaborations of Eduardo Estrada for El País newspaper.

Life is an adventure

María Simmavilla illustrates for
ASOCYL, a deafblind association of Castilla and León (Spain), the motivating words of Helen Keller: "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing".
December 2012

Creative Types ends the year with its most illustrated session

With Noemí Villamuza and Ricardo Cavolo.


Violeta Lópiz illustrates the Christmas Greeting Card of Farmaindustria.

Verto & Greeno

Verto & Greeno adds two pleasures for the senses: the aromatic expression of extra virgin oil and the fun Iban Barrenetxea's labels.

Silver House

Silver House -with the creative direction, artworks and animation of Gianluca Folì- is a non-path that brings us amidst Atome Primitif's music and lyrics, a mere instance before the alarm clock rings. This is how we're returning Silver House, we've simply added a few more brush strokes after borrowing it.


Raúl Allén illustrates the James Franco interviews for Playboy Magazine. In the last issue: Gus van Sant.

Cinderella with Raúl Allén

Allstate promoves classic fairy tales, illustrated by Raúl Allén. seem to resonate with every successive generation. The concepts, themes and lessons taught are timeless. But, children are always looking to change things a bit and create their own world with their unique imagination.
November 2012

Kerida Azubá

Anuska Allepuz illustrates Kerida Azubá, final book of El Barco de Vapor Award in 2012.

Illustrated Delibes

The exhibition Patria común. Delibes ilustrado with illustrations of Elena Odriozola, Antonio santos, Violeta Lópiz and Noemí Villamuza will be in Patio Herreriano Museum until January. It is promoted by Delibes Foundation an iconi inspired by his books.

Momias en tránsito

Valeria Gallo illustrates Momias en tránsito, written by Sagrario Pinto, for Edelvives.
October 2012

Barrenetxea, Euskadi Children's Book Prize

Iban Barrenetxea has received the Euskadi Children's Book Prize (Spain, 2012) with El cuento del carpintero, published by A buen paso.


Raúl Allén illustrates the James Franco interviews for Playboy Magazine. September issue: Harmony Korine. October issue: Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg.


María Simavilla (illustration) and Antonio Marcos (text) present Amortajado, 'thanks' to disappointment and pain.

Halloween Night

'La tribu de Camelot' live a new adventure in the Halloween Night, written by Gemma Lienas and illustrated by Jokin MItxelena.

Coup de Pouce

Laura Pérez illustrates two articles for Coup de Pouce September issue: Discuter avec ses parents vieillissants: 3 trucs pour que ça se passe mieux and Une erreur s’est glissée dans mon CV. Je fais quoi?
September 2012

El País

Eduardo Estrada illustrates the article 
Las cuentas de la lechera, written by Ángel de la Fuente y Sevi Rodríguez Mora, for the newspaper El País.

La nave de los libros

Felipe López Salán illustrates La nave de los libros, reading anthology published by Santillana.

La vaca Condesa

Evelyn Daviddi illustrates
La vaca Condesa, written by Juan A. Belmontes and published by OQO.

Text book

María Simavilla illustrates a text book about Spanish signature for SM.
August 2012

Miña casiña

Jacobo Muñiz talks with the verses of Rosalia de Castro in Mina Casina, meu lar (Tambre-Edelvives).

Libros a la calle

Violeta Lópiz and Raúl Allén participate in 'Libros a la calle' campaign, promoted by Publishers Association from Madrid in the public transport.

July 2012

Tea with Alice

You are invited to share a tea cup with Iban Barrenetxea and Alice in the 
Tea with Alice exhibition of The Story Museum (Oxford, England). 28 June - 16 September 2012.

Summer characters

Summer characters by María Simavilla. 

Illustrated biographies

Laura Pérez illustrates, for SM and PPC, various biographies for young readers.

Tal vez sea suficiente

Elena Odriozola illustrates the cover of Tal vez sea suficiente, second novel written by Alejandro Fernandez Aldasoro, published by Txalaparta.
June 2012

Bienvenida, Noemí Villamuza

Admirábamos la obra de Noemí desde siempre. La buena fortuna unió caminos y surgió el flechazo. Ya no solo nos enamoraban las ilustraciones, también la persona que les daba vida.

Humor español

Ya se sabe que el humor es una cosa bien seria. Razón por la que Oxford, en su colección El árbol de la lectura, publica Antología del humor español, con textos seleccionados por Vicente Muñoz Puelles e ilustrados por Felipe López Salán.

Tus sueños crecen aquí

La Universidad Europea Miguel de Cervantes anima a que los estudiantes hagan crecer sus sueños. Gianluca Folì ha ilustrado los materiales de su nueva campaña de comunicación desarrollada por Metáfora de Comunicación.

Robinson Crusoe

Jacobo Muñiz da su versión de Robinson Crusoe, el inmortal personaje de Defoe, en la edición de Clásicos a medida de Anaya.

El viajero sobre la tierra

El viajero sobre la tierra, publicado por Automática Editorial, luce una inquietante cubierta de Iban Barrenetxea. Invita a pasar página, a entrar en el misterio que alberga esa lúgubre casa…

Laura Pérez, en The Wall Street Journal

Laura Pérez vuelve a las páginas de The Wall Street Journal ilustrando el artículo A Student-Travel Cheat Sheet.
May 2012

La hoja del arce

La hoja del arce es el relato que Anuska Allepuz ilustra en Cuentos del té y otros árboles, de Mónica Rodríguez, publicado por Everest.

Nominados a los Premios Inspira 2012

El calendario Derechos de la infancia, diseñado por Treze Comunicación y Pencil Ilustradores para la Gerencia de Servicios Sociales de la Junta de Castilla y León, es finalista de los Premios INSPIRA 2012, en la categoría  ‘Diseño aplicado a artes gráficas’, organizados por Foro Ingenio. El fallo se conocerá, el próximo 1 de junio, durante una ceremonia en el Teatro Principal de Burgos.

Firmas en la Feria del Libro de Madrid

Agenda de firmas y actos de nuestros ilustradores en la Feria del Libro de Madrid. ¡Disfruten de sus lecturas!

Capitán lo cuenta todo

Adolfo Serra ilustra Capitán lo cuenta todo (Spunky tells all), de Ann Cameron y publicado por Pearson, uno de los 100 libros más populares en la Biblioteca Pública de Nueva York.

Un hombre llamado teatro

Un hombre llamado teatro es el volumen que reúne el legado cultural y vital de Fernando Urdiales, personalidad del mundo del teatro, fallecido en 2010 y director de Teatro Corsario durante tres décadas.

Laura Pérez, en The Wall Street Journal

Laura Pérez acompaña el artículo A cellphone mom struggles to keep in touch, de Laura Kreutzer, en The Wall Street Journal.

Un águila siempre es un águila

Jokin Mitxelena presenta en la Feria del Libro Infantil de Saarbrücken, el 11 de mayo, Ein Adler bleibt immer ein Adler (Un águilá será siempre un águila) que acaba de publicar con James E. K. Aggrey en la editorial Adinkra.

Blancanieves, de Iban Barrenetxea

Los deseos se cumplen. Uno era ver a Blancanieves a través de la mirada de Iban Barrenetxea. Nórdica Libros lo ha hecho posible.

El carpintero, Premio Kirico

El Cuento del Carpintero, de Iban Barrenetxea, publicado por la editorial A Buen Paso, ha sido merecedor del Premio Libro Kirico 2011 otorgado por las más de noventa librerías del Club Kirico asociadas a CEGAL. El jurado ha destacado la calidad de esta obra, original y con mucho humor, además de las ilustraciones llenas de detalles.
April 2012


Jacobo Muñiz y Daniel Nesquenz nos invitan a jugar con las palabras, sumergiéndonos en el océano de Abecebichos (Anaya) guiados por los profesores Nemo Calypso y Nautilus Cousteau.

Los padres de mis amigos

En Los padres de mis amigos, de la serie Azul de Ala Delta (Edelvives), María Simavilla despliega buena parte de su humor más contagioso.

Genaro y el misterio de la mochila verde

A Genaro Conjota Mayúscula le gusta jugar al ajedrez, ver documentales, escuchar su música favorita… Pero, sobre todo, investigar, como un detective profesional, los misterios que surgen en su colegio. En esta ocasión, junto a sus amigos, buscará la solución a las extrañas desapariciones de objetos muy apreciados de todos los compañeros de clase y al misterio de la mochila verde que el nuevo alumno carga siempre a sus espaldas.

O que a terra está falando?

Anuska Allepuz nos aproxima con sus ilustraciones, en O que a terra está falando? publicado por la editorial brasileña Edelbra, a un cuento de la tradición oral judía que alerta de las guerras, revueltas, riñas y peleas provocadas por la posesión de la tierra.


Eduardo Estrada nos muestra la vida de Yannis, junto la costa griega, en Nicóstrato, de Éric Boisset, publicado en la serie Verde de Ala Delta (Edelvives).

La reina de la remolacha

Después de Filtro de amor, Raúl Allén ilustra la cubierta de otro relato de Louise Erdrich, La reina de la remolacha, en la colección Nuevos tiempos de Siruela.
March 2012

Otra vuelta de tuerca

Las voces más victorianas de Iban Barrenetxea y Henry James se alían para la edición de Otra vuelta de tuerca que publica Biblioteca Teide.

Jesús Cisneros, premiado en Padua

Jesús Cisneros ha sido distinguido con el Premio Especial de I colori del sacro, muestra organizada por el Museo Diocesano de Padua. Gracias a esta distinción, ilustrará un texto de Alfredo Stoppa, que Kite - Passepartout Edizioni publicará en la primavera de 2013.

La última función

Para leer esta historia, aconsejan ponerse una nariz de payaso. Si no tienes una a mano, cierra los ojos e imagínatela. O piensa en aquel día en que te pusiste una y se te escapó una sonrisa, o en aquel otro en que hiciste payasadas y a tus amigos les acabó doliendo la barriga de tanta risa. Sin embargo, mira tú que este cuento no es de risa. Al menos, al principio...

Un oso muy viajero

Papá Oso, de Jacobo Muñiz y Ceclia Eudave con A Buen Paso, no para de recorrer mundo. Ha sido publicado en España, Italia, Taiwan, Corea, y Brasil. Seguro que aún le queda sitio en su pasaporte para unos cuantos sellos más.

Víctor Osama


Ganhei uma menina

February 2012

Nos estrenamos con Tipos Creativos

¿Seremos unos tipos creativos en la agencia? Un reto al que responderán Sandra y Ángel, pajarita incluida, en Tipos creativos, una iniciativa que abre un nuevo espacio en el panorama del diseño y la creatividad de Castilla y León. La cita, el 8 de marzo, a las 20h, en Café Beluga (C/ Ramón Núñez 1. Valladolid). Esa noche compartiremos escenario con los estudios YRG y XY.

El arte degenerado de Antonio Santos


Perrault por Iban Barrenetxea


Los cuentos de Mingabe


Kasweka, de Valeria Gallo


Los cambios de la vida


Litografías en Huygens Art





January 2012

El cuento del carpintero


Gianluca Folì, bronce de la Society of Illustrators LA


Cómo como

De la relación entre la comida y la cocina da cuenta Cómo como (Ala Delta de Edelvives) para abrir el apetito con las ilustraciones de Valeria Gallo y los versos de Ignacio Sanz.
December 2011

Estrada repasa 2011

El 31 de enero se acerca y repasamos el año con una selección por mes de las colaboraciones de Eduardo Estrada en el suplemento Negocios de El País.

Anuska Allepuz, seleccionada en Images 36


Caperucita, primera dragona


Daviddi, pequeñas recomendaciones de El Cultural


Letra de Cohen, ilustración de Odriozola


Pazlús da que hablar


Babelia bombástica

November 2011

La tribu de Camelot


Pedro y el lobo


Un panal de rica miel


Las piernas de Amaidú


Papá tiene novia

October 2011

Shadow forest


Cubiertas de Folì para Feltrinelli


Filtro de amor


Cuentos de vampiros

September 2011

El violín de Pazlús


Antología del Romancero


Felipe López Salán se calza las botas