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How can we collaborate?

“Turning Darkness into Light”, the Book of Kells says, illuminated in 800 by Irish monks. We made this quote our own from the moment we discovered it at Trinity College’s library.  Our vocation is to look out at the world through illustration.

Our clients find in Pencil something else than just an Artists Representative Agency. We offer them fresh and different ideas, a wide variety of styles with a marked personality; we provide them advice taking account of the specific characteristics of their proposals, as well as the monitoring of project development, coordination of editorial projects, organization of cultural events, development of graphic campaigns, support to promotional tasks…

And above all, we listen.

Author catalogue

Each illustrator has a distinctive style and personality that marks our catalogue variety. They’re joined by creativity, talent and professional guarantee. You will find in our portfolio the author who will illuminate your design, publishing, press or advertising project. We would love to advise you in your selection and accompany you throughout the entire process as a quality seal (administration and contract, meeting deadlines…), intervening in creative process only when you ask for it. As a result, we’ll provide you unique illustrations for each work.

Editorial services

Imagination and experience illuminate unique projects in which we contribute from its initial conception to its development, design and publishing. We strengthen bonds with well known professionals from all over the world who allow us to offer the best at any time.

We're coming out of paper · Emotion

A complete service to develop interactive activities and animations, taking up the process at the stage you need.

The content is all-important. If you need so, we can develop the scripts, the playability, the interaction and the animation. We have a sound studio, backing music with original soundtracks and voice castings in any language.

Projects in different programming languages and formats (Flash, HTML5), compatible with various operating systems (Windows, Mac OSX, Linux) and all browsers.

Cultural management

In physics an orbit is the route that describes an object going around another whilst under the influence of a central force. Like gravitational. This force is, in our universe, the illustrators. Enormous planets of creativity around which other asteroids spin beyond the usual books, press, posters, fashion...

Their imagination traces an ellipse of all types of activities that we offer through this brand to programmers and cultural managers, institutions, centres, museums, foundations, groups, companies... A constellation of workshops, talks, meetings, exhibitions, alternative supports and original events with inspiration being our hallmark.

We are the drive behind the International Illustration Forum (FILustra) along with the Guadalajara-Mexico International Book Fair and the programming of Ilumina (activities programme about the illustrated album), amongst other events. We are regular collaborators at book fairs, with libraries, city halls, universities and professional groups.